How do I protect my Social Security number?

How do I protect my Social Security number?

Other strategies to secure your information include not carrying your card or other documents that reveal your number with you on a regular basis. Also, even if you're asked for your phone number, don't give it out. You should inquire as to why your phone number is required, how it will be used, and what would happen if you decline. Finally, use common sense when posting things like this online. If you wouldn't want someone looking over your shoulder while you're using the computer, you shouldn't post the address of your Social Security office online.

Is it safe to tell you my social security number?

The Social Security Administration safeguards your social security number and maintains the confidentiality of your records. We do not disclose your phone number to anybody unless required by law. Even if you are asked for your phone number, you should exercise caution. Criminal organizations may try to obtain your personal information through email or telephone calls. They may use false information about your future benefits to get you to give them your password so they can access your account.

Identity theft is a serious crime that can have severe consequences. If someone else uses your social security number to get credit in your name, they may be able to get a loan that must be paid off with interest. This could cause you to lose your home, sell your property at a loss, or even go to jail.

Criminals also may use your social security number to get employment in other states where there are no job barriers. This can lead employers to believe that you are eligible to work here and offer you a job. Before you accept a job, make sure you report the new employer to the Social Security Administration so they can check for any possible identity theft problems.

If someone gets physical possession of your social security card, they can use it to create fraudulent accounts in your name. To prevent this from happening, keep your card in a secure place where only you will have access.

Do you have to keep your Social Security number confidential?

Your phone number is kept private. Anyone can obtain your telephone number by making calls randomly or using reverse lookup services.

Do you have to give your Social Security number to strangers?

Here are a few pointers to help you protect your social security number: Never give strangers your social security number. When applying for a bank loan, a federal loan, or a government benefit, you must provide your Social Security card or reveal your number. These individuals can use your information to file false claims against the government. They could also commit identity theft by using your number to open accounts in your name.

Strangers who ask for your social security number should be treated with suspicion. If you don't know these people, it's best to say no. Keep in mind that many legitimate businesses need your social security number to process transactions. You may want to write down the information requested and call the company later to verify that they actually have it needed to do their business.

Can a thief take your social security number?

Your social security number is meant to be unique to you, but if a thief obtains it, they can use it to steal your identity. Here's what you should know. Protect yourself from social security identity theft by not disclosing your social security number. The most precious piece of paper you will ever own is your Social Security card. Treat it with care and protect it from loss with a durable wallet or purse cover.

If you give your social security number to help identify who owns the phone number you're calling, you are giving away information that could be used to steal your identity. This includes answering service calls that may record your number when it comes in.

Thieves can also use your social security number to file false claims for tax refunds, credit cards, insurance policies, and jobs. They can do this by creating fraudulent accounts in your name. If you find out that someone has filed claims in your name, contact the IRS or your credit card company immediately.

Social security numbers were originally created to allow the government to collect taxes from individuals. Today, these numbers are used as a reference number for all kinds of products and services you might purchase. It isn't unusual for companies to ask for your social security number for employment purposes, even if you plan to work for them only for a short time. Many workers provide their social security number when they start a new job to prevent any problems with payroll taxes.

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