How do I make a second Facebook account in 2020?

How do I make a second Facebook account in 2020?

Go to the Facebook homepage ( and fill out the sign-up form on the right side of the page. Enter an email address that has not previously been used to sign up for a Facebook account, your first and last name, a password, your gender, and your birthdate. Click "Start using Facebook" at the bottom of the page.

You will now be taken to a confirmation screen where you can click "Confirm Account." Now you have two Facebook accounts - one associated with the original email address and one associated with your current email address. You can switch between them by clicking the icon next to your name in the top-right corner of the screen.

If you want to make another account from the same email address, just go back to the sign-up page and click "Sign Up With Another Email Address." Follow the rest of the process and create an account with a different email address.

This method will work for both personal and business pages. If you have an existing group or community called "My Business," for example, you will need to inform Facebook of this fact before you can register another account. Go to the Settings page and scroll down to find "Create apps," then click "Learn More."

Finally, be sure to change your password on all your accounts after making several accounts with the same email address or username.

How do I set up a fake Facebook account?

Go to and click the "Create New Account" button. Use a fictitious first and last name, a fictitious email or phone number, and a fictitious birthday and gender. To avoid mistakenly disclosing your identify, avoid using any of your personal information. To confirm, click "sign up." Once you have created a new account, log in to find that some of your information has been withheld from public view. This includes your full name, email address, phone number, location, and other details.

Once you have created a new account, it's time to move on to the next step. Start by going through the brief registration process again, this time selecting all the available options (or adding new ones). It's important to use different information for each account so that if one gets compromised, the others remain secure.

Now that you have several accounts set up, you need to decide how you are going to use them. Think about what information you would like to make public and what you would like to keep private. For example, you might want to create a generic account for testing apps or seeing what people think of your work, then create another account specifically for Facebook marketing purposes.

It's also helpful if you can differentiate between personal and business accounts. If you post photos of your family, for example, it may be wise to set up a separate personal account just for Instagram photos.

How can I create 100 Facebook accounts?

Fill out the form for your new account. Enter your first and last names in the "Create an account" box. Email address or mobile phone number (this must be different from any other Facebook account you have). Password that has at least six characters and one number.

Once your account is created, log into it with your email address and password. Click on the "Account Settings" link. Here you will find all the information about your account, including your username and password. Change this if you want; but be careful not to use a password that anyone could guess.

Now go back to the form and click on the "Next" button. Fill out the form again, this time entering a new first name, last name, city, state, country and email address as destination contacts. You can enter more than one contact person/address.

When you're done, click on the "Send my request to friends" button. A message will be sent to your contacts asking them to give you permission to create profiles for them. If they accept, they will receive an email from you containing their login details. They can then log into the website using their email address and password to complete the process.

Your requests will be sent separately so don't worry if some of them fail.

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