How do I hide FarmVille posts on Facebook?

How do I hide FarmVille posts on Facebook?

Simply select "Hide Farmville," and all Farmville posts in your news feed will be removed from all of your hundreds of Facebook Farmville pals immediately. Hiding posts is useful if you'd like to read about things that are important to you, but don't want to miss out on the latest memes from your friends.

How do I get rid of FarmVille on Facebook?

Hover over the app link to find Farmville in the list. When you click on the "X," a little popup labeled "Remove FarmVille" will appear to confirm the removal. Here, click the "Remove" button. FarmVille will be deleted from your Facebook app list and will no longer be associated. With that, go remove someone else's farm now!

What can I do with my Facebook friends in Farmville?

Along with connecting your friends, you can also join a one-of-a-kind "FarmVille Community" where you can add community pals from beyond your Facebook network and get aid (parts, hiring friends to complete a building). There are three ways to acquire friends: through matching with other users who already have a relationship with each other, by sending requests or "friend requests" to others, or by purchasing them.

Once you have friends in Farmville, they can help you out with tasks, donate items to your farm, and even visit your farm overnight if you live in the same city. Friends have their own page where they can post messages for only their friends to see, search for people to be friends with, and more.

Is it okay to connect to my Facebook friends in Farmville?

Yes, but only if they want to be connected to you. You cannot force yourself upon another user's Facebook account. If someone doesn't want to be your friend, then they will delete you from their profile. However, since you were able to connect with them first, they cannot remove you as a friend.

How many Facebook friends can I have?

There is no limit to the number of friends you can have on Facebook, however, you do need to have room in your profile to store them.

How do you hide a friend from your newsfeed on Facebook?

Uncheck this option and your friend will magically disappear from your news feed, and they'll have no idea that their annoying posts are being blissfully ignored. Below is a screen capture of the option to hide a friend from your newsfeed. Once again, Facebook has changed the method for achieving this.

How do I hide my wall posts from certain friends?

Hide Facebook postings from certain friends

  1. At the bottom of your Update Status box, click on the menu next to the Post button.
  2. Select Custom from the drop down menu.
  3. Type the names of the people you want to exclude in the These people or lists box in the Hide this from section.

How do I hide all status updates on Facebook?

A little upside-down triangle may be found in the upper right-hand corner of the status box. Select "Hide" by clicking it. If you click that, you will no longer see any status updates from that person on your timeline.

How to use the Facebook acquaintances list to hide?

Use the Close People list to add friends who you believe should appear more frequently in the news stream. Use the acquaintances list to keep track of people who should appear less frequently in the news stream. Use the Restricted list to add friends who can only access posts and profile information that you have made public.

You'll now notice a symbol next to the phrase "Friends," indicating that this buddy is on your list of acquaintances. 1. Open the Facebook app and navigate to your friend's timeline. When you click the "Friends" button, you'll find the following options: unfriend, unfollow, or update friends lists. "Edit Friend Lists" will appear. 2. Click on "Acquaintances."

Your pals will not know if you refer to them as a "close friend" or a "acquaintance," so you may switch them between the two. You will see fewer posts from "acquaintances" because, like "close friends," Facebook will bring their postings to the top of your stream.

How do I hide everything on my Facebook timeline?

Facebook also includes a feature for deleting public timeline posts in bulk. To accomplish this, go to Settings > Privacy > Limit Past Posts. When you click the Limit Past Posts option, a notice will appear informing you that all of your public posts will be switched to Friends only. From then on, no one will be able to see what you posted on your wall in the past.

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