How do I change the year on my Facebook timeline?

How do I change the year on my Facebook timeline?

Scroll to the bottom and select Recent. As you scroll down beyond your profile photo, this will show in the upper left corner. Select the year you wish to go to. This will take you immediately to the year you've chosen in your timeline. If you have more than one account registered with Facebook, then click the drop-down menu next to Year and choose another year from there as well.

How do I view the Facebook Timeline by year?

The Facebook Support Team To read previous posts on your timeline, scroll down, then click "Recent" at the top and choose the year you want to view. Click next to see each month in turn.

How do I jump a year on Facebook?

By default, your activity log displays your actions from the current year, beginning with the most recent. To jump to a certain year, click on the year in the upper-right corner. Go to My Profile, then choose "View As," then "Filters," and you may now select the appropriate year and month of the post you were looking for. Click "Save Filters" to apply the change.

How do I change the year on Google Street View?

In the dark grey square, click the little clock sign (see screenshot below). To move further back in time, use the slider that displays, then click on the mini map above the slider. After that, Street View will show you historical perspectives. By clicking on the slider again, you may alter the year. Press the spacebar to toggle between today and another date.

Can I go back to a specific date on Facebook?

You may travel through any other user's timeline in the same manner that you do your own. Unfortunately, using the timeline, you cannot browse to a specific day; the closest you can get is to navigate to the month. Then you'll have to scroll until you locate the date and post you're looking for.

How do you jump to a date on your Facebook timeline?

To move to a certain point in your page's history, click the year or month on the right side of the timeline. While this is faster than going to the Activity Log, you cannot filter the postings on your timeline by type. This means that it can be more difficult to find something if it wasn't posted in your news feed.

To skip back in time, click the years on the left side of the timeline. Note that clicking past the most recent year will take you back to the beginning of history.

Click a date to view that day in chronological order. Click another date to return to the previous day.

You can also use the search bar at the top of the page to look for specific words within the posts on your timeline. As with many other parts of the Facebook website, there are no ads when viewing your timeline.

Timelines are useful tools for seeing what was happening in your life at different points in time, but they can also be distracting features that may prevent you from enjoying your experience on Facebook. If you find that you need to remove some items from your timeline to keep your news feed clean, that's fine as long as you don't delete any important information along with them.

How do I go to a specific date on my Facebook timeline?

To filter results by date, use the "Year" and "Month" filters on the right side of the page.

Where do I find the date I joined Facebook?

You'll notice "Recent" followed by a number of years on the far right side of the page. The precise day you joined Facebook is listed at the bottom, above your birth date.

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