How do I add a course completion certificate to LinkedIn?

How do I add a course completion certificate to LinkedIn?

Click "More" to the right of the course title you wish to add to your LinkedIn profile to add a course or a learning path certificate. Choose "Add to profile" from the dropdown menu. Check the "Share with network" box in the confirmation pop-up window to send an update about your course completion to LinkedIn.

Can I add my CLEP certificate to LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a great place to share your course certificate. Please sign in to your Coursera account. Navigate to your Accomplishments page. Click Add to LinkedIn next to the certificate you wish to post on your LinkedIn profile. Copy and paste your certificate information onto your LinkedIn profile by following the instructions.

How do I add a Coursera course to LinkedIn?

Log in to your Coursera account to share your course certificate on LinkedIn. Go to the Accomplishments page. Your certificate will appear on your LinkedIn profile.

How do I add a CSM certification to LinkedIn?

How can I include my credential into my LinkedIn profile?

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account, then go to your profile.
  2. On the right, in the Add profile section dropdown, choose Background and then select the drop-down triangle next to Licenses & Certifications.
  3. In Name, enter the name of the course or program.
  4. In Issuing Organization, enter “edX”.

How do I add coursework to LinkedIn?

Adding Courses You've Completed to LinkedIn

  1. Log in to LinkedIn.
  2. Under Profile menu, choose Edit Profile.
  3. Right under your profile overview, you should see “Add a section to your profile”. Click View More and then choose Courses to add the Courses section to your profile.
  4. Click “Add course” to add a new course.

How do I add my eCornell certificate to LinkedIn?

LinkedIn's instructions for adding a certificate to your profile are as follows:

  1. Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage and select Edit Profile.
  2. If you’ve never added a certification before, click Certifications on the right side of the page.
  3. Type in your certification information.
  4. Click Save.

Do you get a certificate from LinkedIn Learning?

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a LinkedIn Learning Certificate. You may print the certificate or share completion certificates with others, and then add them to your LinkedIn profile.

How do I find my LinkedIn learning certificate?

Using your Learning History to Download

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn Learning subscription.
  2. Click Saved at the top of your homepage.
  3. Click the Learning History tab.
  4. Locate the course or the learning path you’d like to save the certificate for, and click More .
  5. Select Download certificate from the dropdown.

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