How can I track who has viewed my Facebook profile?

How can I track who has viewed my Facebook profile?

Manual Method for Tracking Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile Log in to your Facebook account and navigate to your timeline page to check who has seen your profile. Select "see page source" from the context menu when you right-click anywhere on the opened page. Search for all the instances where someone has visited. This may take a while depending on how many people have viewed your profile.

Automated Methods: There are several applications available online that will monitor your Facebook profile for changes or new information and send you an email notification. Some examples include,, and

The ability to view your Facebook profile has been requested by users for years now. While it's possible to do this manually, there are also apps that can do it for you. Be careful though, some of these apps collect your personal information too!

How can you see who looks at your Facebook the most?

Facebook has recently implemented a new function that allows you to see "who saw your profile." This function allows you to see who has seen your Facebook profile in the previous 30 days. Sign in to your Facebook account. Open the main drop-down menu (3 links) > Privacy Shortcuts > There's a new feature here called "Who saw my profile." Click on this to see who visits your page lately.

This information is available for all your friends except those you've blocked or deleted from your list. However, it may not be accurate because people could have seen your profile without actually visiting it. Still, this tool can help you figure out who might not have been given permission to view your personal information.

The website does the same thing as the Facebook tool but it only shows you who has visited your profile rather than your whole friend list. It's easy to use and requires no log-in details. Just type in the email address or username of anyone who has a Facebook account and it will show you what they've been up to.

It's free and very useful for checking up on friends or family members who you think might be ignoring you.

However, the site only shows recent history so if someone has been looking at your profile before December 28th, 2015 then they won't be shown in the results.

How do you see who views your Facebook status who are not friends?

There are several methods for determining who saw your Facebook page, including looking at other activity, such as comments, likes, and shares from unknown users, or the friend request. Find Non-Friends Who Like Your Facebook Page.

  1. Find using Facebook Page Invite List.
  2. Using Facebook Friend List order in the Profile page.

Is it possible to see who viewed your Facebook profile the most?

There is an Android app called "Who Viewed My Page" in the Google Play store that lets me locate the people who have visited my Facebook profile the most. However, this application is intended for amusement purposes. Is it Possible to See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile? Yes, but only if you install a third-party app.

The application can tell you which countries are visiting your page and which friends are from there. It can also display which pages they visit the most. However, it cannot reveal any information about those friends who have their privacy setting set to private, such as their name or photo. Only those friends who have an application installed that communicates with Facebook will be displayed. To learn more about what data is contained in your Facebook account and how you can delete it, check out our article on How to Delete Your Facebook Data.

How can I find out who is stalking my Facebook profile?

If you have an iOS device, all you have to do is go to Privacy Shortcuts and pick the "Who viewed my profile" option. When you pick this option, you will learn who has been stalking your Facebook page. The caveat is that you won't be able to locate it if a Facebook buddy hits your profile. Only your friends can see what profiles they've visited.

On an Android device, open the Google Search app, type "who viewed my profile?" into the search bar, then click on the first result.

You'll now see a list of everyone who's looked at your profile recently. You can also see when they did so and for how long they stayed on your page. If you want to know who's been stalking your profile, simply read down the list until you find the person who's been viewing it frequently. They may even show up in your notifications area with a small icon next to their name. This person may not be someone you know, however; only your friends can see what profiles they've visited.

Finally, if you want to stop someone from stalking your profile, simply change your privacy setting to something other than public. If you don't want anyone to view your profile information, then make it private instead. Public means available to all users while closed means only you can see it.

Who is stalking my Facebook app?

No, Facebook does not allow users to trace who visits their profile. This capability is also not available in third-party programs. If you come across an app that purports to have this feature, please report it. There are many similar scams out there and we can't review all of them.

However, here's what you can do: if you suspect that your Facebook account may be compromised, log into Facebook with another email address or phone number and see if someone has created a new account in your name. If you find such an account, contact us at [email protected] and let us know about it.

Can someone tell if I look at their Facebook page a lot?

Although there is no obvious measure, you may get a sense of who is looking at your Facebook profile. Users cannot trace who has visited their profile, and third-party apps cannot track it either, according to Facebook. However, Facebook does record how many times users visit the site each day.

Your Facebook activity shows up in two places on the site. First, any searches or questions people ask about you or your friends appear above their profiles with little red flags next to them. These are called "alerts." Second, when someone visits the "about" section of your profile, they will see which other profiles you have "liked" along with a small thumbnail image of each person. They also see which other profiles contain information about them that others have shared, such as their email address or phone number.

In addition, Facebook records which URLs (web addresses) people click on within the site. This is known as "click logging." The company uses this data to make its product more useful and to provide a better experience for its customers.

People sometimes wonder whether they look too much at Facebook. While there's no clear evidence that excessive Facebook usage can be harmful, studies have shown that social networking sites can be addictive and frequent users may need help from a professional.

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