How can I make my Facebook posts invisible?

How can I make my Facebook posts invisible?

When you make a post on Facebook, you can specify which of your friends or friend groups will be able to view it. You can restrict specific posts to only close friends in order to prevent others from accessing them. Set up particular groups like "Close Friends," "Family," and "Co-Workers" to share your postings with only the individuals you want to see them.

If you want to keep a post private but allow your friends to search for it if they want to, mark it as "Hidden." Hidden posts won't appear in News Feeds nor will their tags or locations be displayed when people use the Explore page or other public tools. However, hidden posts do show up if your friends send you a direct message or email asking about them.

Finally, if you want to completely remove a post that you have already shared publicly, click the "x" icon in the upper-right corner of the post. This will not only hide the post from your news feed, but also from any searches done by visitors who may have found it through browsing or via other means.

All Facebook users can edit their own profiles including their cover photo, profile description, links to their website, and more. However, only friends can see these changes so you don't need to worry about anyone else seeing any inappropriate content.

For example, if you change your profile picture but still want to be able to post updates to your wall, you can choose "Only Me" as your photo option.

How can I hide my Facebook posts from the public?

Click on the Facebook icon in the upper right corner. Choose Settings & Privacy, then Settings. Click Privacy in the left column. Limit Past Posts appears next to Limit the audience for posts you've shared with friends of friends or the general public. You can choose whether to limit the time range for past posts.

Can you hide your Facebook status from certain friends?

It's simple to hide a post from certain people and only display it to others. Log in to your Facebook account in a browser and type your message in the Status box to conceal it from a specific individual. Here you can select which friends see the post if they click on your name. Your friend won't be able to see your status unless they know your new email address or have access to your profile.

Why can’t one of my Facebook friends see my posts?

You can look through your restricted list. When you put someone on the restricted list, you're still friends, but you only share your posts with them when you pick public as the audience or when you tag them in the post. Comment I have read and understood the Facebook Help Community Policies. I would like to request an explanation for why one of my friends cannot see my posts on my timeline.

Why can’t I share someone else’s post on Facebook?

To make your posts shareable, you must update their privacy settings. Everyone can share posts that have been set to public. However, commenting may not be available in all countries.

Why is my Facebook post not showing up?

The message displays in the Facebook group, but everyone who isn't a friend of your buddy receives a "unavailable" error. The error "Content isn't accessible right now" (click for larger image). Remove your contribution to the post. It was ineffective.

For example, your profile may appear in the "You May Know" section of the searched person's Facebook page. However, unless you both have mutual acquaintances, the chances of this happening are slim. In such situation, there is a strong probability that the person you searched up may propose your profile as a prospective person to befriend.

You have the option of limiting who sees your Facebook postings to everyone, friends, friends of friends, or particular persons. Restriction their access if you don't want "friends" spying on all your postings. Navigate to the profile page of the buddy whose access you wish to limit.

The message displays in the Facebook group, but everyone who isn't a friend of your buddy receives a "unavailable" error. The error "Content isn't accessible right now" (click for larger image). Remove your contribution to the post. It was ineffective.

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