How can I find someone by their name on Facebook?

How can I find someone by their name on Facebook?

Open Facebook on your PC. Go to Facebook at Navigate to the search bar. This form may be found at the top of the Facebook page. Enter the name of a person. Enter the name of the person you're looking for, then hit Enter. Navigate to the People tab. It's located at the top of the Facebook page, right below the search bar. Select a city by clicking the Choose a city option. The list of names will appear. Click on the name of the person you're looking for. A new window will open. This section is only available if the person you're searching for has public profiles set to Public.

How do you search Facebook by location?

On a PC, the filtering option is on the left-hand side of the screen while looking for Facebook friends. Click on "Choose a City..." under City and input the location's name into the allocated bar. Facebook is quite good at determining what you want. As a result, the city should appear after only a few letters.

On mobile devices, the Location feature is found in the menu button's Settings submenu. Here you can choose from the local wireless network, GPS, or Internet Connection Info pages to find out where you are located. You can also create lists of contacts based on their locations.

Once you have found your location, simply scroll down the list of cities until you find one that contains some of your friends. The more friends that match, the higher up the list it will be. If none of your friends are near your current location, then it won't show up in the list at all.

The best part is that you don't need to login to use the Location feature. It is therefore suitable for finding friends even if they aren't active on Facebook yet!

Can you search for Facebook friends by location?

Go to your Facebook profile/timeline and click on friends, then use the drop-down list to select "Search by Current City" and input the city's name. This will discover your Facebook friends that have that city listed as their current location.

How do I find friends who live in a certain city on Facebook?

1 response Go to your Facebook profile/timeline and click on friends, then use the drop-down list to select "Search by Current City" and input the city's name. Scroll down through the results to find more friends or use the other options on the search bar.

Can you find someone on Facebook without signing up?

Utilizing the URL- You may look for someone in the Facebook Directory without logging in. The matched list of names that you are looking for is displayed on the search results page. This feature is useful when you have not signed up yet for a job or project at the company website. You can use this method to browse through many different jobs or projects without having to log in each time.

Can you search for him on Facebook?

Perform a Facebook search for the individual's name. The primary search box at the top of the page is one way to discover individuals on Facebook by their names. You may narrow down the results by typing in the person's name and then filtering them. You don't need to be friends with the individual to find them on Facebook. However, this limitation also means that most people who are looking for others online using Google or another search engine won't see any ads.

How can I find out if someone has a Facebook profile?

Enter the search term or click the 'Enter' key. Facebook displays the profiles of people who match your search criteria. You may narrow down your search results by city, school, or university. This is an excellent method for locating anyone who has a Facebook page.

How do you find people in a town on Facebook?

Enter the name of the town in the search field but do not press enter. Instead, select the drop-down recommendation that best fits your search criteria. After the results have been displayed, click the Individuals tab to see a list of people who have that town listed in their profile.

If you want to find all the people in a city or state, use the nearest large city as the starting point. For example, if you live in Boston, then look for people from Boston, Cambridge, Watertown, or Somerville. If you find more than one person with the same name, check the email addresses on those profiles to distinguish them.

You can also use Facebook's location feature to find people near you. Click the Find Friends button at the top right corner of any Facebook page. In the Search box, type the first few letters of each person's name, then click the Location button. The closest individuals to you will appear along with other suggestions.

As well as seeing what people are up to on Facebook, there are many other ways you can use the site. You can post photos, create events, play games, watch videos, read articles, listen to music, and more!

Getting started with finding people on Facebook is easy.

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