How can I find out what people are talking about on Twitter?

How can I find out what people are talking about on Twitter? can assist you in understanding how people are discussing specific subjects on Twitter. Use the "Advanced search" tool to limit your search to Tweets in specified geographic regions, on specific dates, or with a specific emotion. You can also search by keyword. For example, if you're interested in what topics are being discussed in the Chicago area around May 1st, enter "Chicago" and "May" followed by the pound sign (#) and then type any words that come to mind related to your topic, such as "wedding," "ceremony," "bride," etc.

The results page will display tweets that match your search criteria. You can read these tweets by clicking on their links. Each result contains a link back to Twitter so you can continue the conversation.

You can also access popular searches by country, region, language, or interest. For example, if you were to click on the "Germany" link, you would see a list of all the recent discussions taking place in Germany. Click on one of these topics to see who is involved in the discussion and explore other topics through their references.

Finally, you can view trends over time by category. For example, if you were to click on the "Health" link, you would see a list of all the recent discussions relating to health issues.

How do I analyze my Twitter followers?

You may carefully go through and browse each follower's timeline to examine their interests. But it will take you a long time. You may also utilize Twitter analytics to gain a high-level picture of what your followers are interested in. For example, you can use the number of followers you have from different countries to see how popular your account is in those locations.

The most direct way to analyze your followers is to log into Twitter Analytics. Here, you can see information such as your total number of followers, their location, age range, gender, language they prefer, devices they use, and more. You can also view this data by country, thus showing you which countries you should focus on to reach a larger audience.

Twitter Analytics is available for free at You must be logged in to view statistics about your account.

Other tools that can help you analyze your followers include HootSuite and TweetDeck. With these applications, you can view important information about your followers such as their location, age, gender, interest, and more. You can even follow them directly from within these programs. However, keep in mind that not all users like having their followers seen by these applications; therefore, some might opt out of being tracked this way.

How do you analyze Twitter?

Select all of the Twitter documents that you want to include in your study by going to Analysis > Twitter > Analyze Tweets. The results will be displayed in a table along with information about the author and the tweet (for example, how often the tweet has been retweeted or the number of likes a tweet has received).

What type of media is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking and real-time communication website that was created in 2006 and is used by millions of individuals and businesses to share and find information fast. It is based on the concept of tweets, or short messages that are limited to 140 characters.

Twitter uses its own web browser called Twitter Web Browser (TBWb). This browser can be opened directly through by users who are not logged into their accounts. It is free and easy to use but does not allow for privacy options such as incognito windows. TBWb is an independent project that is not affiliated with Twitter.

Twitter is available in many languages. It has offices in San Francisco, New York City, London, and Melbourne. As of January 2017, there were over 40 million users on the platform.

Twitter started as a text-only service but now also allows photos, videos, links, and profiles updates via other mediums such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

In June 2009, Twitter launched "Moments", which are large images that display up-to-the-minute news coverage and events related to terrorism. These images are generated using Twitter's Map API and are displayed within a dedicated section of the homepage.

How do you know who to follow on Twitter?

How to Locate People by Name To access the search box, type the person's name or username into the search box at the top of your home timeline, or touch the Explore tab in your Twitter for iOS or Android app. Trending, news, sports, fun, entertainment, and other criteria will be used to refine your results. Both public and private tweets are indexed by default, so unless you block someone, they will appear in your list of followers.

Follow people who interest you. If you see someone interesting tweeting, follow them. They might just follow you back!

The more activity you show on Twitter, the more attention you will get from others. So use its features wisely and engage with other users. This will help you find more people to follow.

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