How can I describe myself?

How can I describe myself?

I am motivated and ambitious. I thrive on difficulties and establish objectives for myself on a regular basis so that I have something to aim towards. I'm not satisfied with mediocrity, and I'm continuously seeking for methods to improve and attain excellence. I don't like closed-mindedness, prejudice, or bigotry of any kind, and I won't tolerate it from others.

As far as my family goes, they mean the world to me. My parents are both still alive and well at 93 and 90 years old respectively. They've been through quite a lot in their lives but they keep going and never stop fighting for what they believe in. My sister is two years older than me and we always had a very close relationship. She's one of the only people who knows how much effort it takes for me to achieve something.

When it comes to my work, I prefer to be proactive rather than reactive. This means that I want to understand the problem before offering a solution. If you give me a task that isn't clear enough, I'll ask questions until I fully comprehend what's expected of me. From there, I'll formulate a plan of action and execute it as efficiently as possible.

I value integrity above all else. I expect the same from others so that there can be no misunderstandings between us.

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

I was promoted three times in my prior position in less than two years. I believe in taking charge of my life and making decisions quickly but wisely.

In school, I always did well in arithmetic and science. I found these subjects interesting and they helped me develop other skills which are very important in today's world such as communication, reasoning and decision-making. However, I didn't do so well in English because at the time it wasn't required of college students. It was only later that I realized its importance and tried harder retaking the exam. I eventually managed to pass with a score high enough to qualify me for an English teaching certificate.

I want to be honest with myself and others, take responsibility for my actions and make good choices even when they are difficult. In addition, I enjoy learning new things and improving myself mentally and physically. I also like helping others; indeed, this is why I am a teacher. I feel happiest when I'm able to contribute something positive to others' lives.

I consider myself a confident person who knows himself well enough to accept and respect his limitations. I know what matters most to me in life and work hard to achieve them.

How do you define self-realization?

Self-fulfillment of one's character or personality's potentiality. Self-realization means discovering one's own unique spirit and expressing it through its physical body.

It is said that every human being is born with a certain degree of self-realization, but many people never develop their full potential because they don't know how. Learning how to work with our minds and bodies can help us realize ourselves spiritually.

When you realize yourself, you discover your true identity, which is unlimited consciousness manifesting itself as any form. You then express this identity by fulfilling your natural role in the universe. This leads to happiness.

Self-realization can only be achieved through personal effort. It cannot be given to anyone else. It can only be received by living up to one's own truth.

Everyone has different levels of self-realization. Some people may only realize themselves partially. They may not feel like they live up to their values or they may sometimes even behave contrary to what they believe in. This is normal since we are all in constant change and development.

How do you describe a self-motivated person?

People that accomplish great achievement in life are very self-motivated. They lead a passionate life, strive relentlessly for their goals, and are always on the go, no matter what. Rather than drifting through life, you should have a clear and purposeful objective. You should also be able to see how one step leads to another, and how each success builds upon the last.

A self-motivated person will never accept anything less than his or her best effort at everything they do. Whether it is school, work, or playing sports, these people will always try their hardest.

They are also aware of their own capabilities and know what they can achieve without relying on others. These are the type of people who won't wait for someone else to start them on the path to success.

Instead, they take action themselves by conducting thorough research about their field of interest, then finding the right mentor or role model to help them succeed.

Finally, a self-motivated person always keeps his or her eyes set on the future. They live in the now, but not because they don't care about the past or wouldn't like to enjoy themselves once in a while. No, they keep focused on what needs to be done next so they can move on to the next challenge or opportunity that comes their way.

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