Does your profile disappear when you delete Facebook?

Does your profile disappear when you delete Facebook?

How to Get Rid of Your Facebook Account Deactivating your account does not completely remove it from the system. When you deactivate your account, Facebook keeps all of your preferences, images, and data in case you wish to revive it later. Your data isn't gone; it's simply concealed. In order to delete your account entirely, you will need to follow the steps below.

You can also send a deletion request to Facebook if you want to delete your account but don't have access to the email address that was provided when you created the account. However, this process is not free and requires you to pay a fee in order to delete your account.

What happens to your Facebook profile when you deactivate it?

Deactivating a Facebook profile makes it inactive for a limited time. That is, their deactivated profile, images, and other Facebook content are hidden from other users. Facebook does not erase any of their data, including images, posts, friends, videos, and so on. When the same profile is reactivated, all of that info returns. The only thing that disappears is any indication that the profile was previously active.

In addition to hiding the activity associated with a profile, deleting a profile will also delete any images or other content that person created before they deleted their account. If you upload photos using your computer and fail to delete them immediately, they could be lost when you delete your account.

Photos and other media can be downloaded and saved from Facebook after you delete your account. This download feature is available in both the mobile apps and via the website. There are two ways to access this feature: through the Facebook app menu by searching for "Downloads" or via the Facebook website's downloads page.

You cannot re-download files that you have already downloaded.

Facebook uses a persistent login system where you only need to enter your username once. This means that if you use the same email address as your Facebook account and someone else has used your computer without you knowing, they could log into your Facebook account without you noticing.

To protect your privacy, please ensure that you do not give out your password.

Can you permanently delete Facebook data?

Facebook allows you to deactivate or delete your account, although only the latter is permanent. Except for anonymous log files, this deletes all of your Facebook data from Facebook's servers. Here's how to permanently erase history, cookies, and other data.

If you have an active Facebook account, you can easily delete it by visiting the "Settings" section of your account and clicking on the "Delete Account" button. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

This will not only remove your Facebook account but also any associated email address, phone number, birth date, gender, location, networks, pages, groups, events, posts, comments, etc. All of this information is completely deleted from our systems but may still be visible to third parties. To learn more about what happens to your personal information after you delete your account, read our privacy policy.

Your Facebook data may remain visible to third parties who have access to it before it is purged from our systems. For example, Google and other companies may have access to your Facebook data if you are logged in to a Google account when you visit their websites.

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