Does someone know if you can hide their posts from your timeline?

Does someone know if you can hide their posts from your timeline?

If you hide a post from your timeline, your friend will not be alerted. They would have to go directly to the person's profile to see the post.

How to hide a friend's add on Facebook?

So, if you want to keep certain of your friends from receiving friendship alerts, you'll need to create a custom list. In addition to what Manoochehr has previously stated, anytime you add a buddy, the post will show at the top of your timeline. All you have to do is change the post's visibility to "Only Me."

To remove a friend from receiving notification emails, click the "Friends" tab at the top of any Facebook page. Then, select the person from the drop-down menu and click "Remove." If you decide later that you want this friend back on the list, then simply click their name again and click "Add."

The first method takes less than a minute to accomplish and the second method requires a little more time but it's much easier than you might think. Hiding a friend's status update is a great way to keep them informed about events in your life, but not every person should be allowed to see all of your updates.

When someone posts on your timeline, who sees it?

They have power over the privacy settings if you post directly on their timeline. They only have one setting for all posts made by others on their timeline. Only their friends will be able to see it if they have it set to "Friends." If they delete their account or change their privacy settings, then they would no longer be able to find your post if you had them on your list.

If they don't post on your timeline, then you wouldn't be able to find their content either. Even if they liked or commented on a photo you posted, they could remove themselves from your list at any time. Only their friends would still be able to see the content unless they repost it themselves.

As with most social media sites, users can control exactly how their content is shared using the privacy options available on Facebook. Users can select specific lists of friends who can view their status updates and photos, as well as prevent those friends from sharing this information with other users.

Furthermore, users can control the audience that sees their email address. By default, anyone can see its presence on an user's profile. However, users can make their email address private, which prevents other users from finding out about it via their profile.

Some users may prefer that only certain users can see their email address.

How can I unhide a post from my timeline?

4: Scroll down to the bottom and select "Hide From Timeline." 5-Press the down arrow next to the post you wish to reveal, then tap Show on Timeline. That's the only thing there is to it. If you've hidden the post for any reason other than deleting it, then it will still be there and accessible through the Hide button.

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