Do you need a name for a MySpace account?

Do you need a name for a MySpace account?

In a blog post published on Monday, she outlined her rationale. To recover access to a Myspace account, all that is required is a valid name, username, and date of birth linked with that account. These can then be used to verify your identity when logging in.

She wrote that she no longer uses the name "Michelle Obama" because it is copyrighted by another person and therefore not available to share. Instead, she created a new profile under the name "Chicago Michelle".

Obama said that she has not been able to retrieve the original Myspace account but confirmed that she still owns it and can restore it at any time if needed for business or legal reasons.

She added that she does not have any plans to monetize the account nor would she want to. "I created this account as an act of activism to speak out against bullying," she said.

Myspace did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Can you log into MySpace with Facebook?

MySpace, long the undisputed monarch of social networks, has stepped down. The service will now enable users to connect using their Facebook accounts, allowing any of Facebook's 500 million members to enjoy all of MySpace's services without initially registering.

In addition to being able to log in with your Facebook account, there are other benefits to this integration including the ability to post photos from both your MySpace and Facebook profiles, share videos, create groups, and more. However, since this is a cross-login not all features are available on every profile. For example, if you only use your Facebook identity for logging in but not creating pages or interacting with friends, then some functionality may be missing. Also, if you want to preserve some degree of independence from Facebook then it's recommended to disable access to your account via MySpace.

When signing up for a MySpace account, we're asked whether we want to allow login with our Facebook account. If you choose "Yes", then when you go to log in, you'll be able to select it as an option. If you don't want to allow this yet still want to use MySpace, then simply ignore this question. As long as you have a valid email address associated with your Facebook account, then you should be able to log in later on.

Login with Facebook is currently only available in certain countries.

Do you need to delete your MySpace account?

Those who still have a Myspace account should remove it immediately, she said. Myspace was a Web 2.0 behemoth with a heavy emphasis on music, and it was a yelling, obnoxious online playground for fans and unsigned musicians. Then it was annihilated by Facebook. The social network bought the struggling site in 2008 and has been improving it since then, but it's not enough to save Myspace from doom.

In short, yes, you should delete your Myspace account. If you don't, others will continue to post inappropriate content or remove it from their profiles, which violates Myspace's terms of service. Also, remember that any information you may have posted there can be found by anyone who knows where to look. So if you haven't deleted your account yet, now is a good time to get rid of it.

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