Do you have to have a Ring Protect subscription?

Do you have to have a Ring Protect subscription?

To sign up for professional monitoring, you must have a Ring Alarm system and a Ring Protect Plus subscription. Professional monitoring does not include Ring Doorbells or Security Cameras, and automatic video alerts are not included. For a quote on your home security needs, call 866-RING (866-796-6325).

Does the ring work without a subscription?

All Ring devices will be free to use and will not require any further fees or subscriptions. When guests push your doorbell or activate motion sensors on your gadget, you will receive notifications. However, there is a ring-protection strategy available. If someone tries to break in while you're away, you can press a button to send an emergency message to all of your friends' phones.

Can I use my own doorbell camera?

You can use any compatible smartphone or tablet as a doorbell cam if it has a microphone and camera capability. You can also use an old phone that doesn't have video recording capabilities for this purpose. However, we recommend using a new device because older phones may not be able to capture clear images due to limited memory space.

How do I remove a person from my contact list?

To delete a person from your contact list, simply open the People app on Android or iOS and click on the menu icon, then scroll down to find the Settings option. Here you can select the people that you no longer want to receive messages from. Alternatively, you can hide all contacts except those you select directly from the phone's main screen.

What are some good options for securing my home automation system?

The best way to secure your home automation system is by using a strong password.

Does the ring have a monthly fee?

Ring's $10 monthly charge for professional monitoring is among the lowest accessible, despite the fact that it does not provide as many security devices as many of its competitors. Consider Ring if professional monitoring is crucial to you and you want to save money. Otherwise, look at other options.

Does the system work with other alarm companies?

Only Ring products are approved by ADT for use in their systems. However, you can purchase separate sensors from other manufacturers and install them without assistance from an alarm company technician. Each sensor has a unique ID number that allows it to be paired with another identical device. The first detected intrusion will trigger the system to send an alert to your phone.

How do I change my password?

The first time you sign into the My Ring app after changing your password, you'll be asked to enter your new password. After doing so, login to the app again to confirm your password has been changed.

What do I need to tap into home surveillance?

You will need a smartphone with Android 4.4 or higher and the Google Play Store installed. It must also be connected to a power source and have an active data plan. There are several apps available in the Google Play Store that can help you monitor your home surveillance system.

Is the ring a monthly subscription?

No, not at all. Your Ring products provide typical capabilities like as immediate notifications, live view, two-way communication, and so on that do not require a membership. Ring Protect Plans merely provide more features for people who desire them. When you subscribe to a plan, you are actually subscribing to an annual commitment.

In other words, yes, the ring is a monthly subscription.

Is the Ring Protect plan worth it?

When it comes to a home security system with video recording and expert monitoring, $10 a month is a very excellent deal. If you simply have one Ring video doorbell, the extended warranty is the only benefit. Otherwise, there are more affordable options out there if you don't want to spend a lot of money.

The Ring Protect Plan includes two-year coverage for parts and labor, along with 24/7 professional monitoring. It's also one of the few home security systems that offers complete coverage for possessions inside and outside your house. If anything breaks or gets lost, Ring will fix or replace it. The company even provides a trailer to move any damaged property from your yard back to your home.

For $10 a month, this protection is easy to understand and use. There are several Ring video doorbells available at various price points, so you can pick the one that's right for your home style and location. And if you ever need assistance, Ring has an extensive list of home security systems professionals across the country who are ready and able to help.

This plan is recommended for homeowners who want complete coverage for their family's belongings. It also gives you the ability to be notified by phone if someone tries to break in. Of all the home security systems we've tested, Ring's Protect Plan delivers the most comprehensive coverage at the best price point.

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