Do you choose your destiny?

Do you choose your destiny?

Opportunities are presented to us by fate, but our fate is ultimately defined by our choices. For example, if you go to a party and meet the perfect guy, that was destiny. But what you do about it determines your fate. We may either let fate guide us through life, or we can control our own fate. When we take charge of our lives, we have the power to transform them into anything we want.

Sometimes we feel like we don't have any choice but to accept our fate. For example, if you're born poor, you'll likely stay that way. Or if you get sick sometimes, you won't always be able to prevent those things from happening. In these cases, there's nothing you can do about your situation; you just have to deal with it. However, even in these cases, you still have choice over how you react to your situation. You can choose to hold on to guilt for things beyond your control, or you can look at the facts and move on.

Fate has given us certain obstacles that we cannot overcome alone. For example, if someone close to you has cancer, you might think you can help by staying with them all day every day. But actually, this makes their illness worse because of the stress it causes them and their family. Sometimes we feel like we need to save others, but really, we only hurt ourselves in the end. If you try to help too much, you will only be defeated by circumstance.

Who decides our destiny?

Although the terms "fate" and "destiny" have similar meanings, they are not the same to me. If you drink too much and make an embarrassing scene, then you've doomed yourself to an evening alone.

Fate is something outside of your control. The roll of the dice, the turn of the card, the path of the bullet. Whatever happened long ago is over and done with, whereas what you do now matters most. Your choices will change your life, and your life will determine your future.

We think of destiny as being immutable--unchanging over time--but this is not so. True destiny can only be understood in relation to time: its present, its past, and its future. A person's destiny can only be altered by their own actions - nothing else matters. Whether you live your life according to what has been written for you, or write your own story, only you can decide.

Does fate or free will decide my destiny?

Chances come your way, and it's up to you whether or not you take them. Fate is your pre-determined fate, but it is up to you to do something with it. To put it another way, fate is the probable outcomes of your life. It can only be altered by changing the probable outcomes into actual events. Your actions determine your destiny.

Fate or fortune? That's what some people may call their destiny. The word "fate" comes from the Latin word "fatum," which means "that which has been decided." So, fate is whatever has been determined for you before you were born. It can never be changed. No matter how many things you do, there are still going to be consequences that affect your future. Every action has an effect on the world around you, and this includes your destiny.

Some people believe that everything they go through in life is a result of previous deeds or mistakes. They say that our fate is already fixed because of what happened in our past lives. This idea is called "pre-destination." Pre-destined people feel that there is nothing they can do to change their fate. They think that their destiny is written in the stars somewhere.

Post-destined people feel like they can change their fate by doing something important in their current life.

Is life all about destiny?

You are born into your fate. It is accepting your life as it is with no intentional attempt on your part to change anything. Destiny is the call of your spirit to greatness. It's the possibility of what you could be, but it's up to you to respond to that call. In other words, life is all about chance, and you have the power to make yourself happy or unhappy depending on how you respond to those chances.

All human beings share a common destiny-the opportunity to develop their own unique talents and fulfill their own personal dreams. The only limit to this potential is our own fear of failure or success. If we're brave enough, motivated enough, and trust in ourselves and our abilities, we can reach for the stars. But only if we first stop turning our backs on our destiny.

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