Do all men have ulterior motives?

Do all men have ulterior motives?

"Men usually have hidden agendas." Jackie, a 34-year-old married lady, recently recalled an incident with her spouse. It had been about three years since their marriage, and she had just found out that he had another relationship while they were still married. She said that all men are deceitful and that her husband was no exception.

The root of the word "men" means "to aim at a purpose". It is a neutral term that includes both women and men. So, yes, all men have ulterior motives. Even your husband or boyfriend does. This doesn't mean that all men are evil; it simply means that they want something else too. Men are not mind readers, so if you want to know what he wants, you'll need to read his body language and find out from him directly.

Here are some other examples showing that men have ulterior motives:

• A man looks you in the eye and tells you that he loves you. Then he goes around bragging about someone else. He has an ulterior motive: he wants to win you over someone else's body.

• A man comes on strong with you at first. He might buy you drinks or take you to dinner.

What do men look for in a wife?

It seems to reason that because today's married couples are more likely to be friends and have shared networks of acquaintances, this has become a more appealing quality. Become a fan of ForbesWoman on Facebook now! Men rank a possible wife's pleasant demeanor as the fifth most important characteristic, and have done so since the 1930s.

Men adore a woman who seeks assistance. It helps guys feel more manly, provides them an excuse to chat to a gorgeous lady, and reawakens their innate need to be the provider and protector. And if you thank a man with a flirty grin, he'll almost certainly gush...

Why do men feel unwanted?

One of the reasons guys suffer with thoughts of being undesired is a lack of male support. Men experience isolation and loneliness at a higher rate than women, owing in part to the fact that we make women our only source of emotional closeness and connection. When this bond becomes sexual, it creates a need for men to seek out sexual relationships even if they aren't willing to commit to any relationship development or marriage.

The other reason men feel unwanted is because of society's image of what a man should be like. In today's world, most people believe that a man should be able to fight off attackers, should be able to handle himself in a bar, and should be able to find love. All of these things are difficult for many men to do, especially since most people think that being a good man means being able to take care of others first.

For many men, feeling like they can't protect themselves or those they love is extremely frustrating and depressing. This fear of inadequacy causes many men to withdraw from their partners and children so that they don't have to face their fears. However, this behavior only makes them feel worse about themselves and their relationships.

At its core, the idea of being undesired is based on a belief that someone should want you. If you search deep enough, you will always find someone who wants you. All it takes is for you to find them.

Why do men have emotional affairs?

Only 8% of men said their top reason for having an emotional affair was sexual unhappiness. I believe that people not only have feelings for their affair partner, but they also fall in love with the person they imagine they are becoming as a result of their affair. They are feeling more lively. They appear more appealing. They believe they are more interesting to be around than others.

The most common reason men give for having an emotional affair is that it makes them feel like they are still important to her. Nearly half (46%) said they felt like they were still important to her even though she knew about their infidelity.

Men who have emotional affairs often say they're looking for love and connection with someone other than their spouse. Most men who have emotional affairs claim they're looking for love and connection with someone else while also feeling empty inside because their marriage is wrong or there's something wrong with them.

It may be difficult for some men to admit that they're actually looking for love and connection outside of their marriages, but this is exactly what most men who have emotional affairs say they're doing. Even if they don't use these words, this is really what they're trying to do.

Why do insecure men seek out the perfect victim?

It turns into a feeding frenzy of negativity. The concept of "reassurance and acceptance" begins to emerge. As a guy, he needs to be comforted and validated, and as a woman, she needs to be accepted and worthy. Are you the ideal victim? Men who are insecure prefer to seek for women who are empty vessels. They want someone quiet and uncomplicated.

The insecure man wants a girl who is unavailable. So he'll go after those who are already in relationships or who have other guys interested in them. In fact, this is what draws him to you in the first place! When a man likes a woman, he wants to know that she's not going to leave him for another guy. He needs her to like him back even though he knows he doesn't measure up to all her other options.

Insecure men feel inadequate at times and they need their ego fed. If you aren't willing to give it to them, then they will find someone who will. This is why an insecure man will often target uni students or young girls who don't know any better. Sometimes they will even pursue older women because they believe these women are still looking for something from a relationship. Either way, the insecure man is looking for a victim who will feed his ego by accepting him despite his failures.

Insecure men love when women fight with each other over them. It shows that they're important to at least one person.

What does it mean when a person has ulterior motives?

Ulterior motive (l'[email protected]@'[email protected]) in British English When you state that someone has an ulterior purpose, you mean that they have a concealed reason for doing something. Sheila's purpose for attempting to assist Stan was ulterior. His kind offer was not intended as a help signal but rather as a trap to catch her out. The word comes from the Latin meaning beyond what is apparent or shown. In academic contexts, an author may use the term to indicate that the work of another scholar is being used instead of conducting original research.

She has an ulterior motive for wanting to move to London.

His offer was not meant as a help signal but rather as a trap to catch her out. She has an ulterior motive for trying to help Stan.

That girl is after my job. I've seen her watching me during meetings. She wants to be promoted so she can earn more money.

That student is only taking our class to improve his grade point average. He doesn't want to learn.

That writer is using other people's ideas without acknowledging them. He or she is pursuing their own agenda rather than focusing on providing valuable information.

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