Can you share a story as a post?

Can you share a story as a post?

You should then see the standard setup for sending the image or video to your feed. It's just as simple to share a post from your Instagram feed to your stories.

How do you share someone else’s story with your own?

To incorporate a Feed post into your story:

  1. Tap below the photo or video in Feed.
  2. Tap Add post/video to your story.
  3. Tap Send To.
  4. Tap Share next to Your Story, then tap Done.

Can you share someone else’s story on Instagram?

You may share other people's posts to your Instagram Story in the same way: click the paper airplane icon beneath the content and pick the option to add it to your Story. For what it's worth, you can't share photographs and videos from other people's Instagram stories on your own.

How do you share a post on your Instagram story?

To share someone's Instagram Story post, do the following: Go to the user's page and find the pot you want to share. Tap the aircraft icon to the right of the post. Tap "Create a Story with this Post" to save your post as a customisable sticker. Your followers will be able to see it on your story feed.

Why can’t I add a story to my story?

You can't share a post to your Instagram tale because the "Add Post to Your Story" option is either broken or the account's owner has disabled story resharing. The "Add Post to Story" option is most likely absent from your Instagram account owing to an uncontrollable problem. Instagram support staff cannot fix problems that they do not know about.

How do I add a post to my story?

Find the post you wish to share in your Instagram story on your feed.

  1. Tap the paper airplane icon.
  2. The “share” menu will appear.
  3. Tap “Your Story” in the bottom left-hand corner to post.

How do I share a post on my story?

To share a feed post to your story, simply hit the paper airplane button underneath the post, just as you would if you were sending it directly. You'll now see the opportunity to create a story at the top. Tap it to see the feed post as a sticker with a personalized backdrop that is ready to share with your narrative. When you're done, tap outside the sticker frame or press the button again to return to the post.

Can I repost a close friend's story?

One of the most enjoyable features of social media is the ability to share something with your followers. You may retweet on Twitter. There is an option to share a post on Facebook. When someone mentions you in their tale, you'll be able to repost it right away, adding the photo or video to your own. This feature is useful for when you want to pass on a message or news item.

If you choose to repost something that has already been shared, we recommend changing one thing about the post: its title. Give your re-post a more relevant and informative title than the original post so that it will attract attention from not only your followers but from other users as well. Also, include a few special characters in the text file so that Twitter will display it to your readers (unless it's set to hide such items). Finally, be sure to include a link back to the original post so that your readers can read it too if they're interested.

Reposting is simple to do; just go to any tweet with a photo or video and click on the "Repost" button that appears next to it. From there, you can choose to repost the same photo/video or a different one.

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