Can you like comments on YouTube?

Can you like comments on YouTube?

You generally locate it by scrolling down through the comments area. The best option is to go to your "Liked Videos" button, which is represented by a "thumbs up" on the left side of your page. Here, you can see all the comments that you have liked.

Can you post comments on a YouTube video?

You can make comments and like, dislike, or react to other people's remarks on a video if the video's owner has enabled comments.

Why don’t I get likes on YouTube comments?

There are also likes on the other comments in the videos. The reason for this is that others do not believe your statement was deserving of it. Take, for example, Quora upvotes. People will not upvote your remark if they do not think it entertaining or instructive. Likewise, you cannot earn likes on your video comments unless someone else thinks it's funny or useful.

The more views your video gets, the more comments it will have. If no one likes any of them, then they will not appear in future.

If you want people to like your comments, make sure they are appropriate and given at a good time. Also, be sure to leave comments yourself! That way, people will know that you are active on the channel and that you enjoy what they say. This will encourage them to comment again!

What happened to YouTube comment history?

If you wish to view the comment history on YouTube, you must first sign in to your Google account, which is linked to your YouTube account. Then you may see all of the public comments you've made on YouTube. Navigate to Comment History. Click Comments on Videos at the top of the page. Click View next to any comments you want to read again.

What does it mean when your comment is pinned on YouTube?

When you pin a remark, it will show at the top of the video's comments area. You may pin any remark on your videos, so if your viewers leave comments on your films that you wish to highlight, you can do it here as well. Users will be able to see your pinned remarks even if they are not signed in to Google.

How do I keep track of YouTube comments?

Scroll over the username at the top and click "Account," or click "History" at the top. The Account section has a detailed list of features. To discover comments, go to "History" and then to each video. To see personal comments that have gotten a response, use the Video Comments function in the Account area.

You can also find comments by going to any video and clicking the "Comments" link. The most recent ones are at the top. You can scroll down to read older comments.

If you want to reply to someone's comment, click its icon. A window will open with that comment as well as all other comments on that video. Click "Reply" or "Response" to write your own message back to YouTube.

To delete a comment, simply hover over it and click the trash can icon. To delete them all at once, go to "History" and click on the button that says "Delete All Replies."

The first time you comment on a video, you'll need to create an account. After this initial step, commenting on videos becomes easy because all relevant information is stored on your YouTube profile page.

How can I see all the comments on a YouTube video?

On the web, you may customize how comments appear beneath a video. Select Top Comments or Newest First from the Sort By drop-down menu. To make a "Highlighted Comment" link, click the timestamp. This will isolate your comment thread while also providing you with a shareable link in the URL bar. Click or touch "More" next to the remark. This will take you to the original post where you can read other users' responses.

Do you get notified if someone dislikes your YouTube comment?

There is no way to know who liked your YouTube remark, and similarly, there is no way to see who downvoted you. For the sake of user safety and security, YouTube keeps these comment likes and dislikes secret, but it's a good guess that anybody who left a nice remark on your comment also liked it. There's no way for others to signal boost your comment into popularity.

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