Can you hide just one mutual friend on Facebook?

Can you hide just one mutual friend on Facebook?

Select the menu symbol in the upper right corner of your screen. Choose one of the entries and press the three-dot icon next to it. Select "Hide from timeline" from the option that appears. By removing this action from your timeline, it is also removed from your mutual friends list. Note that this option will not remove the person from other lists you have them in.

How can I hide my mutual friends' list?

How to Remove Mutual Facebook Friends from Your Friend List To begin, sign in to your Facebook account by clicking here. There is now a filter option there. Simply click on it. To view your friend list, click on Friends. Simply choose your common buddy who you wish to remove from your profile and you're done.

Is it possible not to see mutual friends on Facebook?

Though you may conceal your complete friends list from everyone, the only method to hide your common friends is to ask your friends to do the same. This means that even if someone else in your contact list shares a friend with you, you wouldn't be able to tell unless you checked every single one of them.

Can you be friends with someone on Facebook without others knowing?

Any new or previously accepted friend invitations will no longer display on your timeline. Nobody will be able to view your buddy lists, making all friendships invisible to everyone but you. However, people will still be able to send you friend requests if they like.

Can you have an invisible Facebook friend?

Your contacts will still be able to send you messages and share videos and photos with you, just like any other friend.

How to hide a friend's add on Facebook?

So, if you want to keep certain of your friends from receiving friendship alerts, you'll need to create a custom list. In addition to what Manoochehr has previously stated, anytime you add a buddy, the post will show at the top of your timeline. All you have to do is change the post's visibility to "Only Me."

To delete a friend from this list, simply go to their profile and click the "X" next to the word "Friend." This will remove them as a friend, but they won't be notified if you become a fan, so make sure you do that first. Finally, any posts that you've shared with these friends will still appear, but they won't get sent out as a notification.

Hiding a friend's status update can be useful for several reasons. For example, you might want to conceal an embarrassing photo or comment. You could also use this technique to limit how many friends notify you about events that are specific to group interactions like parties or games. Finally, you might want to hide a friend because they're acting inappropriately by sending numerous notifications when they should know that you receive them only when you look at your phone. Don't hide friends' updates without discussing it with them first though; otherwise, they might take it as a sign that they aren't important enough to be included in your life!

How do you hide who you are following on Facebook?

If you want to keep those from being seen by others, follow the instructions below. Navigate to your Facebook profile. Click it, then select the "Edit privacy" option. Here you can decide who can see your searches, posts from them, and more.

How do I show mutual friends on Facebook 2020?

To change the privacy of your friend list, go to your time line and click on the list of your friends (friends block). On the new page, in the upper right corner, click Edit, and then choose who may view your friend list on your timeline. By setting this to "Only Me," no one else will be able to view your pals. If you want more people to be able to see what your doing online, such as when you post photos or videos, then leave this set to "Only Me" and only give permissions to specific friends.

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