Can you do a poll on Instagram with more than 2 options?

Can you do a poll on Instagram with more than 2 options?

Instagram has added the Quiz sticker, which allows you to pose multiple-choice questions through stories, and unlike polls, you may add up to four possibilities as responses. When your followers select an option, they will be told whether their selection was correct or incorrect. They can then click on "next" to see another question.

How do you do multiple choice polls on Instagram?

To pose a multiple-choice question, just write a tale, insert the quiz sticker from the sticker tray, then enter the question and answers. Then, choose the correct answer from the alternatives offered and tell the narrative. Multiple choice questions can only be asked at night, so be sure to post during your audience's waking hours.

There are two ways to do this on Instagram: through a photo or video. For photos, select the "Question Mark" icon above a story to add a poll. You can also find this feature in the Questions section of the iOS app. For videos, tap the camera button while viewing a live stream, then click the "Question Mark" icon that appears on screen. You can also find these polls through the video camera icon on the main screen of the app.

Instagram users will see your poll when they open their news feeds at night, so be sure to post timely updates as necessary.

The options for answers will appear below the video, with up to five choices per question. Users can vote by clicking the "1 star" rating icons next to each option or by tapping the "More Options" button and adding their own choice. They can also scroll down and see other people's votes.

What are the Instagram questions?

"Questions" is a sticker that you may apply to your tales to allow your followers to ask you questions. Each question you get will be answered publicly in a separate story. Instagram is popular among audiences, in part because it is such a communicative tool. By allowing users to ask and answer questions, others can join in on the conversation and interact with you directly.

Instagram stories can only be read by people who follow you, so this is another way for you to reach out to new audiences. If you're looking to increase engagement with your account, then questions are an excellent way to do so!

Have fun writing questions for others to answer! Here are some ideas: What's your favorite thing about school? Why do you love sports cars? What would you do if you weren't afraid of anything?

You can also use questions as a tool to start conversations with people nearby or people across the world. For example, you could say "I'm curious - what's one thing you wouldn't let anyone else see you do?" and then watch how they respond.

Finally, questions are great for generating content. You can choose any answer that comes into your mind and share it with your audience. As you can guess, there are no right or wrong answers - whatever you decide to write will be interesting!

Can you vote more than once in an Instagram poll?

Polls can be added after you've taken a photo or video to include in your narrative. Selecting the poll sticker from the stickers menu does this. The poll may then be positioned and the contents of your questions, including the two responses you want your followers to pick from, filled in. When you're happy with your post, hit "Submit" to open the poll for voting.

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