Can you delete an Instagram account by reporting it?

Can you delete an Instagram account by reporting it?

If you wish to deactivate a false Instagram account, you must first report it. To do so, follow these steps: Navigate to the bogus profile you wish to report or remove. You must go to the three spots in the upper right corner of the screen. There will be two options: Block and Report the user. Select either one of them.

Can you delete an Instagram account from the app?

You can't remove your Instagram account from within the program. And then enter your password again. After you've chosen a reason from the menu, the option to permanently deactivate your account will appear. You'll also receive an email confirming that your account has been canceled.

Does reporting as spam delete an Instagram account?

Unfortunately, we can't just report everyone on Instagram who irritates us and expect the account to be punished. Reporting spam: Similar to the first method, reporting an account as spam would result in the account being blocked and Instagram investigating the user's behaviour. However, spam reports do have a small chance of deleting an account.

In order for an account to be deleted, someone with moderator rights needs to click the "Delete Account" button. Only one account per person can be deleted at a time so this step is necessary to avoid deleting your main account. If you suspect that someone is trying to delete their account using this method, contact Instagram directly through a private message or email.

Where can you delete your account page on Instagram?

How to Unfollow Someone on Instagram

  1. Log in to your account on from a computer or mobile browser.
  2. Go to the Delete Your Account page (
  3. Once on that page, choose an answer from the drop-down menu next to “Why are you deleting your account?”

Can I report my old Instagram account?

Instagram takes security very seriously. You can notify us if someone starts an Instagram account purporting to be you. If you have an Instagram account, please report it to us using the app or by filling out this form. We'll take care of removing all your information from our site.

Can I deactivate my Instagram account for 15 days?

Use a computer to access The site deletes your account after 90 days of submitting a request. However, you can re-enable your account at any time.

How do you get rid of a fake Instagram account?

Instagram Support Center If you believe someone has created an Instagram account in your name, you can report it to us. Please complete all requested information, including a photo of your government-issued ID.

How do I stop Instagram from deleting my photos?

Here's how to prevent Instagram from deleting your posts.

  1. Click account settings.
  2. Click “report a problem”.
  3. Select “Something isn’t working”.
  4. Explain the issue to Instagram support.
  5. Now we wait.

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