Can you change the URL of a Pinterest page on Facebook?

Can you change the URL of a Pinterest page on Facebook?

You'll also need to update any other social accounts that are linked to your Facebook Fan Page. You may have saved a Pinterest pin that included a link to your Facebook Business Page. The URL on the pin can be changed (although this will not fill the repins). To change the link, click on the pin's URL below its description in your Facebook Timeline.

When to use a custom URL for a Facebook business page?

When you receive 25 "Likes" on your business page, Facebook allows you to have a custom URL address for the page. You must use the default URL that Facebook generates for your page until you have 25 fans. After you reach this threshold, you can request a custom URL be assigned to your page.

Custom URLs allow you to send more specific messages to your fans or target audiences. For example, you could create a special URL for people who like both pets and photography- these individuals might be interested in learning about upcoming pet photo shoots at their friends' houses. Or, you could assign a different URL to each of your employees to let them post updates related to their jobs. Creating unique URL addresses for your pages helps you connect with specific groups of people on Facebook.

There are two ways to obtain a custom URL for your Facebook page: submit a request by email or use the Manage Page tool. We will discuss how to do both of these things below.

How do I change a Facebook post pin?

How to Pin a Facebook Post to Your Page

  1. Find the update you want to Pin.
  2. Click the … edit button on the right of that update. ( the 3 dots)
  3. Click “Pin to Top of Page”.
  4. This will place the update at the top of your content and with a little notification on the left – this tells you it has been pinned.

Is it possible to create a public figure page on Facebook?

A public figure page allows you to communicate with your admirers indefinitely while also keeping them up to speed with your information. On the profile page, this is not available. So, if you haven't used this fantastic Facebook function yet, now is the time.

How do I link my Facebook page to Twitter 2021?

Navigate to and select the "Connect to Twitter" option. From this page, you may connect your personal profile (at the top) and/or any of your Facebook profiles. You must be logged in to the Twitter account you wish to link. If you have an unlimited number of accounts, click the "Add another account" button below the list of accounts to link them all simultaneously.

After linking your accounts, a new menu will appear with links for your Facebook pages. Select the one for the page you'd like to link to twitter.

The next time you log into, a window will pop up asking if you want to add this Facebook page as a friend. Click OK and Twitter will connect the two accounts.

When you log back into your Twitter account, you should now see that the connection has been made between your Facebook page and Twitter. You can now send tweets to both your Facebook page and your Twitter account from the same interface.

You can unlink a Facebook page at any time by clicking the "Unlink Account" button. This disconnects the account and removes it from the linked list. Don't forget to do this before linking a new account or else you'll never be able to connect them again.

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