Can you archive pictures on Facebook?

Can you archive pictures on Facebook?

Some of the material you publish on Facebook, such as posts, photographs, and videos, can be archived or deleted straight from your news feed or timeline. You can select one of the following options from each post: Transferred to the Archive When you move something to your archive, only you will be able to see it. It won't show up in your news feed, and no one else should be able to find it using Facebook Search.

Deleted Forever If you delete a post or photo, it's gone forever. No one can recover it later.

Trashed This option permanently deletes the item. Any links to the item will no longer work, and any people tagged in the post will be removed from their tags too. Trashing items removes them completely from all your pages; they cannot be recovered. People who shared the trashed item won't be notified that you deleted it.

Archived This option saves the post or photograph in its current state. However, it doesn't go back into your history; instead, it appears with other posts that were published at the same time.

Hidden This option hides the post or photograph from your news feed but keeps it available to others via their news feeds. Hiding posts prevents you from seeing old conversations about them or adding your own comments. They still appear on Facebook if someone clicks through to their profile page.

Can you archive videos on Facebook?

Hello, Michael. You may store and save some of the things you see on Facebook for later viewing, such as links or videos posted by friends, upcoming events, sites, or images. You may also archive your stored items. These posts will display in your Save Section under the "Archive" tab. Your archived items can be viewed at any time in the future.

Who can see archived posts on Facebook?

During the 30-day period, you can restore your material to the location where it was first shared on Facebook. When you restore your material, it will be exposed to the same audience you selected before deleting it. If you archive your material, it will only be viewable to you. Your friends won't be able to see it.

Who can view my archived posts?

Your friends can see your posts for up to 30 days after you publish them. At that point, they'll be able to read them but not interact with them (such as by commenting on them).

How long do my archived posts stay visible?

The time frame depends on how long you choose to make your posts visible. If you set the visibility to "Public," then your post will remain visible for a full year. If you set it to "Friends," then it will disappear after 30 days.

Why would I want to delete a post?

You might want to delete a post if you'd like to prevent others from seeing it. For example, let's say you posted a photo of your new car online and now you'd like to remove it. You can click on the photo and click the "Delete Photo" option to have it removed.

What happens when you archive a post on Facebook?

Archive This is an option for Facebook content that you no longer want others to view but want to save for yourself. Delete Use this option to delete posts that you no longer desire. Unless you manually delete or restore the posts before then, the trash will remain there for 30 days before being deleted. Undo Use this feature if you change your mind about deleting a post.

Where is my story archive on the Facebook app?

You may always switch off or on your archive. To locate your story archive, follow these steps: At the upper right of Facebook, click your profile photo. Select the past five years from the drop-down menu.

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