Can someone see if you view their MySpace?

Can someone see if you view their MySpace?

MySpace plainly notes that in order for someone to see who has visited their profile, even if the visitor has a MySpace account with the "My Visitors" function activated, the visitor will not show up as a visitor if the visitor is not signed into the account. Therefore, in order for anyone to see that you have visited their page, they would need to sign in using their email address or username. Then, they would need to visit the page within a few minutes of each other.

MySpace claims that its users can view profiles on other sites such as Facebook and Twitter but does not provide any evidence that this claim is true. There are many reasons why someone might want to hide the fact that they have visited another user's profile page including hiding their own social status, avoiding harassment, or wanting to protect their privacy. Users should be aware that although profiles on different sites may look similar, they are actually separate services with separate feature sets. If one wants to avoid being seen as a "visitor" by another user, they should not visit their profile page.

How to avoid detection of my visitors on MySpace?

Obviously, any cybersleuth who wishes to escape detection by the "My Visitors" function may do so by not signing into a MySpace account and/or not enabling the option in their own account. On the right side of your Home page, go down to the My Visitors section. If My Visitors is enabled, disable it by selecting Turn off and surf anonymously.

MySpace has announced the launch of its new "My Visitors" feature, which it describes as "a great way to see who's looking at your profile and let your pals know you've stopped by theirs." Contrary to popular belief, this new service will not "out" covert internet investigators. MySpace expressly says that in order to know who has visited their profile,

Can you see who is viewing your MySpace profile?

I just opened Myspace and this appeared! My guests have arrived! We've included a new tool called "My Visitors" that lets you see who's looking at your profile and lets other users know when you're looking at theirs. You can choose to display only my visitors or all visitors.

What is a restricted profile on Myspace?

Visibility Myspace has two privacy settings: Restricted and Public. If your profile is set to public, anybody may access it. Members cannot connect to you if your profile is set to restricted unless you agree. On limited profiles, only profile photographs and cover images may be viewed. Messages between members are not visible to the public.

Can my friends see when I’m on Facebook?

The simple answer is no. When you view someone's profile, they have no idea. According to Facebook, "Facebook does not allow anyone to trace who visits their profile." It also states that "third-party apps cannot provide this feature."

However, it is possible for people you know to find out that you're using Facebook Explorer. Here's how: They could simply guess your password if you have a simple one. Or they could call up everyone you've asked to be your friend and check to make sure those people actually want to be your friend. If you told everyone you knew about Facebook Explorer, then some of them might create an account just to see what it's like.

Or maybe you should stop telling everyone you know about Facebook Explorer? That's up to you. The only thing we can tell you is that nobody can see when you're using it - except if you tell them.

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