Can someone see if you edit a post on Facebook 2020?

Can someone see if you edit a post on Facebook 2020?

Everyone will be able to examine the revision history of a public post once it has been modified. Authors and administrators of Facebook Pages can also modify postings on their pages. Though anybody may see the revision history of a post after it has been published, only other writers and administrators can see revisions made before the post was published.

How can you tell if someone edited your comment on Facebook?

To view a Facebook post's history, click the arrow in the upper right corner of any post. Click View Edit History from the dropdown menu. The phrase "Altered" will appear next to the time stamp for edited comments.

Why can’t I edit my privacy on Facebook?

Navigate to your General Account Settings page and click the Privacy button in the upper left corner. You'll be able to check who has access to what you post from there. Only your existing Facebook friends will be able to read your posts if your privacy settings have never been modified. Click Edit to change the privacy settings for your postings. You can also grant or deny permission for a friend request by clicking Approve or Decline.

Can you archive posts on the Facebook business page?

Facebook has implemented a Manage Activity feature that allows users to check their previous Facebook postings and either delete or archive them so that other users cannot see them. When you archive posts, they stay on the social network but are only visible to you. You can unarchive them at any time. Users must be logged into their accounts to view their past activity.

Can anyone post on a Facebook community page?

Facebook pages are open to the public. Your post or remark will be visible to anyone who visits the page. When you post or comment on a page, a story may be published in Facebook's news feed and other places. You can only post on pages that accept visitor comments. Some categories of businesses, organizations, and people are exempt from this policy.

In addition to commenting on stories, you can also send private messages to specific people or groups. These messages require approval from the recipient before they are displayed on their news feed.

You cannot post links to other websites. If you want others to visit these sites, please share the URL with them.

Facebook uses "circles" to allow users to divide their friends into different groups. For example, one user might create a circle for their work colleagues and another for their school friends. They can then decide what information to give out about themselves within their circles. Users can also create multiple circles if they want to divide their friends into different groups based on interest or anything else for that matter.

Circles can help users keep track of what information is available about them and what they should share. For example, someone who does not want their work friends to know that they go by a nickname sometimes uses this feature to protect their privacy.

You can join many circles at once.

Does Facebook show when you edit a post?

When someone modifies a post on Facebook, you'll usually get an alert like this, indicating that the content has been altered. However, Facebook just published an update that removed this remark. For example, this post has been modified, but there's no indication of it at the top. Instead, it says that Tim Walker posted a photo.

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