Can someone control their fate?

Can someone control their fate?

You can't change your fate, but you may postpone it with your free will. Even if you've kept your head down for years, fate will continue to offer itself until you're ready to reach up and embrace it. Fate will not abandon you. You can never lose what is intended for you, but you may postpone it. Your future is not written in stone.

Fate is a difficult concept to explain and even more difficult to understand. The only thing that can truly affect your future is your own actions - both good and bad. Whether you like it or not, your fate is already determined before you are born. All things considered, whether you succeed or fail, happy or sad, your life has already been written by nature.

We often say that people "make their own luck". This isn't true; instead, it's all about how you use the hand you're dealt. If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that no one can predict how their life will turn out. No matter how much you might want to know what lies ahead of you, the truth is that you'll never really know.

Will I be married by age 30? Maybe. Will I have kids? Do I want to get married and have children? That's a decision you'll have to make yourself. The fact is that your future is not fixed in stone - you can change it if you want to.

Can you go against fate?

It's the way fate works. You have power over your life; it does not have control over you. Fate is what life throws at you, and free will is what you do with it. Although you cannot change your destiny, you can change how soon it comes true.

People often say that they were born into this world with nothing, no family, no money, no knowledge, no skills... But if you look closer you'll see that they were also born with everything: the ability to decide their own future.

Fate has a plan for everyone's life, but it depends on you whether you follow this plan or not. If you do, then you will live an interesting story with many twists and turns. If you don't, then you will live the same boring story over and over again. The only difference between these two stories is that in one you keep getting new experiences, while in the other you stay the same person year after year after year.

Sometimes people think that they are not responsible for their own actions because something bad happened to them when they were young. This is not true. Yes, some things happen to us when we are young that hurt or scare us, but this does not mean that we cannot function as adults later on.

Why does fate control our lives?

Fate rules our life; it is nothing more than what it is. Our lives are governed by fate since the events that occur in our life, whether good or terrible, cannot be changed or stopped. Everywhere you travel, every location you visit, and everything you do is predetermined by fate. We can only go along for the ride.

Our role is to live each day as it comes, without complaining or fretting over the past or worrying about the future. Everything happens for a reason. Every action we take leads us on a path toward happiness or misery depending on how we feel about it. If you want to change your destiny, you have to change yourself first. The only way to affect our future is by using our skills and knowledge to create something new out of nothing. That is the essence of growth. Growth requires risk taking and effort, but its outcome is always worth it.

When you look at the history of humanity, you will see that most people are not happy with their current situation in life. They work hard, but the results aren't what they want them to be. This shows that there is a disconnect between what we want and what we get. There is a word for this phenomenon - happiness. Everyone wants to be happy, but no one knows how.

However, there are some people who do know how to make themselves happy, and these are the ones who we call "happy souls".

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