Can random people see my Facebook?

Can random people see my Facebook?

Even if you aren't friends on Facebook, others may be able to access your postings. Any person with a Facebook account can subscribe to your account so that your public updates appear in their newsfeed, even if you haven't accepted them as a friend. Also, users can easily take screenshots of their newsfeed and share them with others, which means anyone viewing the screenshot will know who posted it.

Users only have control over what information they make available to the public, and they can delete any post or update at any time. However, this doesn't mean that everything people post on Facebook is available to the whole world. Only visible posts that include an image and a link will be shared publicly. Text-only updates such as status messages won't be seen by anyone else except your friends.

Your privacy settings do not protect information that may already be out there, such as photos that were tagged with your name and location data collected from Google Maps. Information about your activities on other websites can also find its way onto Facebook. For example, if you visit a website that uses Facebook Connect, then when you return to Facebook you may find information about products and services offered by these companies displayed in your News Feed.

Data from other sources includes information about your interests from other sites you've visited, such as Twitter and YouTube. Facebook uses this data to show relevant ads or suggest articles you might like.

How many people can you see a post from on Facebook?

Facebook has not restricted your feed to a specific amount of people, and publishing a post claiming otherwise would have no effect. In your newsfeed, a new Facebook algorithm only shows postings from approximately two dozen friends. Subscribe to our Snopes Debunker newsletter to receive free fact checks in your inbox:

However, when you use the News Feed Settings page, you can choose to display posts only from certain types of sources. You can also opt to see everything on your feed, but only post to it from those sources that you trust.

In conclusion, your newsfeed is limited to the first several hundred people who subscribe to your profile. If you want to see everything someone posts, you have to subscribe to their profile too.

Who can see my Facebook fan page?

Facebook buddies are granted access to your profile. Your friends may view your posts, images, and favorite pages. You may also use the Audience Selector to override the privacy settings on any post as you create it. You may also go through your previous posts using the Activity Log from your Timeline.

As long as you are logged in to Facebook, anyone who is on Facebook and has access to see your account can view your page. Your page will be visible to people inside and outside of Facebook.

If you want only certain people to see your page, you must grant them permission to do so. If no one is allowed to see your page, then no one will be able to visit it unless you change this setting.

People that see your page don't need a login to Facebook to read what's on your page. But if they have an email address listed as a contact detail on your account, then they will receive an email notification when you add a new post on your page.

Your boss, for example, could view your page if he or she has access to your account. Or maybe you work for a large company and they give employees access to each other's Facebook accounts. In this case, everyone at your company could view your page.

Or maybe you just want your best friend to have access to your page so you don't have to keep telling her everything about yourself.

Can I see who viewed my Facebook story but not my friends?

Unfortunately, if you change your privacy option to "public," you will no longer be able to see the people who viewed your stories but are not Facebook friends with you. Because Facebook has yet to reveal who the "Other Viewers" are, you can only see your friends who saw your article. However, even if you choose not to share your Facebook address book with other readers, they will still be able to find your email address by using a web browser's built-in search function.

Can I control who follows me on Facebook?

To limit who can follow you, Click on the Facebook icon in the upper right corner. Choose Settings & Privacy, then Settings. This prevents any page other than your friends list or public profile from seeing that you are on Facebook.

Is there a way to see who is viewing your Facebook profile?

As a result, there is no official way to determine who visits your Facebook profile, and the fundamental reason for this is privacy. "It would be a PR disaster for Facebook if there was a method for non-friends to read your page and users to know about it," says Andrew Selepak, PhD, head of the University of Florida's doctoral program in social media.

However, this doesn't mean that you can't track what parts of your profile are popular. By using tools like Google Analytics, you can learn more about how many visitors arrive at different areas of your profile, which links attract the most attention, and so on.

For example, you could use this information to optimize your cover photo or profile description for more visits. You could also use it to discover topics that are most interesting to people who visit your profile, or to find out which types of posts get the most attention.

In addition, Facebook reports that around 1% of its user base log in each day. This means that out of 100 million people on Facebook, about 10,000 are active hackers who visit other people's profiles without their consent.

Since these hackers aren't likely to share any details about themselves, they cannot be tracked by simply looking at the profiles they have visited. However, it is possible to identify them through methods such as using unique computer programs or devices, or by asking them directly.

Can acquaintances see my story on Facebook?

Click the audience choice in the lower right corner, next to Your Story: public: Your Facebook friends, followers, and Messenger contacts will be able to see your tales. Anyone who follows you will be able to read your tale, but only individuals you know will be able to respond. Your Messenger contacts will not be able to see your article.

Can you choose who can see your Facebook posts?

Wiki is the answer. You have the option of limiting who may view your Facebook updates. Everything is available, from public to groups you make, from only you to not allowing particular individuals to view your postings. The options are many.

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