Can my friends see if I am mentioned in a comment?

Can my friends see if I am mentioned in a comment?

If you are mentioned in a Facebook comment, you will receive a notification, and anybody may see you mentioned in a remark as long as the person who mentioned you did not remove the mention/comment or if the post you are mentioned in is set to public. I hope this was helpful.

Can a friend of a friend see your comment?

If you leave a remark on anything and the person who posted it shares it with friends-of-friends, their friends-of-friends will be able to view your comment. This, I believe, is also true of public groups. Some groups are private, so those remarks would only be visible to group members. But if you're in a group with other people, they can share that group with others so everyone gets access to it.

Do my Facebook friends see what I comment on?

The Facebook Wall For example, if you remark on a common friend's photo, only mutual friends will see the comment on your wall; but, if you comment on a photo on a public page or a friend's profile that is accessible to the public, the comment will be seen by everyone. Even if they are not your friends yet, they can still see your comments.

In addition, you can also send messages to all your friends at once. These messages will go out even if some of your friends aren't using the messaging feature. When you send a message to a group, it goes out as an open invitation, so make sure you're ready for some feedback!

Finally, you can like pages and events on Facebook. If you like a school page, for example, then only people who "like" the page will see that you have done so. This way, you won't miss any important information from schools that you care about.

Any content you post on Facebook is public. This means that anyone who has access to your account can read it. Only you can decide who gets to see what you post on Facebook. If you don't want strangers reading your updates, then make sure that you log out of Facebook when you are done using the site.

Is the comment on a public post on Facebook public?

Also, when you leave a remark on another person's public post, your comment becomes public as well. Posts on public Facebook pages or groups: Facebook pages and public groups are both examples of public places. Your post or remark will be visible to anyone who has access to the page or group. Private posts: You can also make private remarks on non-public items. For example, if you're chatting with friends through Messenger and one of them shares a photo, you can reply only to that person but everyone else in the conversation will see the photo.

Can a person see your comment on a post?

When you leave a remark on someone's post (status update, link, photo, or anything else they've posted), everybody who can view the original post will also see your comment. The symbol next to the original post allows you to easily assess its privacy setting. If it has a red circle with a black dot in it, then everyone can read it. If it has a green circle with an arrow pointing inside it, then only those who are signed in to the specific service can read it.

Who can see when I mention someone on Facebook?

Anyone who can view the comment (and the post to which it is linked) may also see the "mention," which functions similarly to a tag on a main post. However, because you are the only one who will receive a "notice," it is impossible to predict whether or not other people will see it. Additionally, depending on your privacy settings, any friends of yours who have access to your profile may be able to see the mention.

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