Can I share my YouTube TV account?

Can I share my YouTube TV account?

If you've purchased a YouTube TV membership, you may set up a family group to share it with up to five people for free. When you share YouTube TV as part of a family group, you may also share other Google services with the same individuals. For example, if one person in the group creates an account on all devices shared by the group, then they will all receive an email confirmation when that person signs up. If someone else in the group needs access to YouTube TV, they can do so by logging into their own personal account and adding the family group's device to their list of allowed viewers.

Sharing your account with others allows them to watch any of the channels you're subscribed to without having to sign up for their own account. However, they cannot change the language setting on the app unless they subscribe to a different language channel themselves. If you give someone else your password, we don't store it in a way that makes it easy for us to read. But if you tell us that someone has your password, we will disable the account until you reset it.

Users who share their account are only able to view accounts they are signed in to. This means that if you want someone else to be able to view your account, they need to be signed in too. To share your account with another user, go to Settings > Account Details > Share Your Account.

How do I add a family member to YouTube on my TV?

To include family members:

  1. Sign in to YouTube TV.
  2. Select your profile picture Settings Family sharing .
  3. Select Set up.
  4. Enter the email address or phone number of the person you want to invite.
  5. Select Send. You’ll get an email notification when someone joins your family.

How do I get a paid membership on YouTube?

To obtain your own YouTube premium subscription, follow these steps: 1. Leave your family group by following the instructions. 2: Purchase your own YouTube premium subscription. More...

How do I add someone to my YouTube account?

To begin adding accounts on YouTube TV, you must first form a family group and then invite others to join. Here's how to go about it. 1. Launch a web browser and navigate to YouTube TV. 2. In the lower right corner of the screen, click your account avatar. 3. Click Family Groupings. 4. If you're invited to create a grouping, a list of available group names will appear. Select one and click Create Grouping.

Your new friend will receive an email confirming their invitation. They will need to click the link in the email to accept your invitation and join your family group.

As long as you are all using the same Google account, you should be able to share videos with each other by clicking the Share button next to any video and selecting Who Can See Your Video. You can also delete users from your family group at any time after they have been added. For more information, visit our help article.

How do I add family members to premium YouTube?

Include family relatives.

  1. Sign in to the Google Account associated with your YouTube Premium or Music Premium membership.
  2. Go to on a web browser.
  3. Select Manage membership .
  4. Click Edit next to Family sharing settings.
  5. Select Invite family member.

How do I share my YouTube subscriptions?

Go to your premium membership page, click the action overflow button next to YouTube Premium, and then pick Family Sharing Settings to add a new household member. You may also visit directly. To add a family member, click the + symbol. Select Subscribe to find out if they already have a Google account, and if so, what email address they used. Click the blue Verify Email Address link in the confirmation message that follows, and then enter their email address when asked again.

You can see all of someone else's YouTube subscriptions by clicking the ellipsis (...) button next to their name on any video page. This will take you to a more detailed profile page for that person. Here you can see all of the videos they've subscribed to, as well as other information like age range and language preferences. If you want to subscribe to some of these channels yourself, just click the red Subscribe button next to the channel name.

If you want to unsubscribe from some of these channels, simply click the same button again. However, if you want to unsubscribe from all of them, click the X next to the ellipsis button instead.

Note that even if you're a subscriber yourself, other users may not want to share their subscriptions with you. So be sure that you understand how each person in your family uses the service before you add them.

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