Can I see my old Myspace?

Can I see my old Myspace?

All classic/old Myspace accounts have had their photographs migrated over. You may discover them in your profile's "Mixes" section. Unfortunately, we will be unable to assist with recovery if you are unable to locate your previous profile because the old Myspace was never migrated to the new Myspace.

How can I recover my MySpace pictures?

What happened to my photos? Consider a mix to be a photo album. If you didn't save any original photos on Myspace, these will be the only images available in your mixes.

If you'd like to see what photos other people saw in your account, check out your Mixes section. The photos are listed in order of popularity (the more likes and comments they receive), so the most viewed photos should be at the top of the list.

Photos that were uploaded directly into your profile won't be found in your Mixes section, but we'll still show them to you if you ask nicely. Just click the "Photos" link near the top of any page and then select the year from the drop-down menu next to "All Time." Photos will be displayed in chronological order by date posted, so look for those with recent dates first.

Finally, if you deleted your account, we won't be able to help you retrieve your photos. However, if you have an active MySpace account, you can contact us via email at [email protected] or phone at 1-800-MYSPACE (1-800-674-7587).

Where do I find my photos on MySpace?

Photos used to just appear in your mixes, but Myspace has modified this multiple times. For a few years, they were found in your Photostream under Library > Photos. The photographs have been re-added to the "Mixes" section as of 2015. This link is located on the left navigation bar.

It's straightforward. Search for, then type your name into their search field, and there you have it: your previous profile. To access any "public" accounts, you do not need to remember your old password or establish a new one. You may browse through your past images, music, videos, "connections," events, and "mixes" from here.

Why are my photos missing from my Myspace account?

Your photo albums have already moved as long as your profile is synchronized to your traditional Myspace account. Your photographs may be seen under "mixes." Each album is a mix. If you don't see any photographs, it's because we no longer have a copy of them to transfer to the new site. It's conceivable that you have another account if you're missing photographs.

Click the downward arrow in the top-right corner (web) or the three-line menu at the bottom of the screen to import photographs or videos from or the Facebook mobile app (mobile). Choose Settings & Privacy.

Why aren't my old MySpace photos loading?

Your photographs and albums will be immediately transferred as long as your profile is synchronized to your old Myspace account. If there are albums or photographs with image holding space but the images do not load, it implies the photos are no longer on Myspace servers and you will be unable to retrieve photos from Myspace.

Why can't I see pictures on MySpace?

If you don't see any photographs, it's because your old Myspace account was not connected with your new one. Friends are no longer referred to as "connections." They are "friends." Connections is a term used by other users on the site.

In addition, certain features such as photo viewing and commenting are only available to users who have "Friends" on their profile. You should connect your old Myspace account to receive all of your friends' photos in the future.

Is there a way to watch old MySpace videos?

If you can't locate your old images or videos on MySpace, it's because your old data was not synchronized to the new MySpace. This implies your data is no longer accessible. There is no way to get it back. All your information was stored in MySQL databases on the old MySpace servers, and these servers are now obsolete. Even if you could retrieve your old data, there is no way to restore it because it has been deleted.

Is it possible to recover an old Myspace account?

Search for and then enter your name into their search bar. Voila, there's your old profile. You do not need to know your old password or create a new password to access any "public" accounts. From here, you can search through your old photos, music, videos, "connections," events, and "mixes." There's also a section called "private" which only you can see that contains messages, notes, links, and other private information.

As far as I know, MySpace doesn't store your email address when you register on the site. So even if they did delete your account, someone else could have used it at some point in time. However, if you set up a new account using a different email address, then yes, MySpace would no longer have access to that email address.

Note: If you haven't logged into MySpace since before they were bought by Facebook, there's a good chance that your account has been deleted. Even if it hasn't, there's very little chance that MySpace would let you back in unless you knew your old username and password.

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