Can I search for a specific date on Facebook?

Can I search for a specific date on Facebook?

At the top of the timeline is a "Posts" bar, with a "Filters" button on the right side. Select "Filters" from the menu (see image below). The year will be displayed in a dialog window. Facebook will navigate down the timeline to the desired date or the closest date preceding the selected date. It is also possible to use the back button to go further into the past.

How do I view the Facebook Timeline by year?

The Facebook Help Team To view older posts on your timeline, scroll down on your timeline, then click "Recent" at the top and select the year you'd like to view. The first page of results will be displayed based on the search criteria you provided. Scroll through the pages until you find the post you're looking for.

How do I go to a specific date on my Facebook timeline?

To filter results by date, use the "Year" and "Month" filters on the right side of the page.

How do I find out how long I have been on Facebook?

Open the Settings menu, pick Your Facebook Information, and then go down to the Activity Log to get a far more exact picture of when you joined Facebook. Click the oldest date on the timeline on the right-hand side, then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. Here, you'll see a list of every action you took on Facebook from that first visit on up until now.

Where do I find the date I joined Facebook?

You'll notice "Recent" followed by a number of years on the far right side of the page. Select the most recent year. The precise day you joined Facebook is listed at the bottom, above your birth date.

When do you get your new Facebook timeline?

When you click "Get It Now," you will be sent to your new timeline. For the time being, your timeline is set to private. You may either tweak it until you are ready to publish it, or you can wait until September 29 and let Facebook post it for you.

How do I change the year I was born on Facebook?

Birthday celebrations and an audience Navigate to your Facebook timeline and select the "About" button. Under the Basic Information header, click "Edit" next to the birth date or birth year. Change your birth month, day, and year using the drop-down choices. Your new birthday is now displayed on your profile page.

Where do I find my invites on Facebook?

Tap the upper right corner of Facebook. Select Events. Scroll down after tapping the calendar at the top. Please keep in mind that events in the near future display at the top of your calendar.

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