Can Facebook shut down your page?

Can Facebook shut down your page?

Because a user rated your ad as inappropriate, Facebook may suspend your page forever for breaking the advertising standards. Your page might be taken down without warning and without the opportunity to learn what was deemed inappropriate. So consider it for a moment. Could Facebook delete your page? Yes, if they feel like it can't be done in a reasonable time frame then yes, they could delete your page.

The best way to handle negative comments on your page is to show that you respect others by explaining yourself or asking questions. Only then will people be willing to explain their point of view. If you receive several negative comments, it's easy to ignore one person, but not so easy when many are saying the same thing. In such cases, it's best to remove yourself from the argument until you understand where everyone is coming from. Only then can you try to resolve the issue peacefully.

As long as you aren't causing harm you have no reason to worry about what Facebook does with your page. As long as you're not spamming people, violating someone's privacy, or using harmful programs/advertisements you should have no problems.

However, if you find yourself in this situation then you should probably talk to someone at Facebook because they won't tell us anything about how they decide to act upon these claims.

What happens when Facebook bans you?

To administer your Facebook business account, you must first create a personal Facebook account. If it is prohibited, you will be unable to start new advertising or even halt existing ones! You're undoubtedly aware of the most typical reasons why a Facebook page might be suspended, such as hate speech, threats, spam, and so on. However, there are some less common causes as well.

For example, if you post content that violates Facebook's terms of service, then they have the right to remove your page. Likewise, if someone files a complaint about one of your posts, then that could also result in your ban. Finally, if you try to promote illegal activity or use our service to send spam, then we may be forced to take action against your page too.

In any case, your first step should always be to contact Facebook directly and explain the situation. They may be able to reinstate your page at this point.

Can a Facebook account be deactivated for policy violations?

If you violate Facebook's policies, your account may be terminated. If this happens to you, don't give up hope since there are ways to reactivate your account even if you receive a response instructing you to consider their decision to disable your Facebook account final after you file an appeal.

The simplest solution is to establish a new Facebook ad account, but if you've hit the ad account limit in your Facebook Business Manager or don't want to lose the data from your disabled Facebook ad account, it's well worth the work to reactivate your disabled Facebook account.

Will Facebook ever close down?

The paper's authors, from the University of Oxford, add that while "it is doubtful that Facebook will shut down very soon," increasing pressure from regulators and public criticism, including the ad boycott, "may lead to a turnaround in its posture."

In other words, we could see a change in policy -- but not for awhile.

Can you create a Facebook account that can not be deleted?

Facebook's definition of hate speech is incredibly broad and liberal. Their fact-checking is also blatantly liberally slanted. It is not possible to create a Facebook account that cannot be erased. BUT, if you read the Facebook conditions, you'll see that there's not much you can do to get them to erase it.

Every time I try to set up a new account (I set up two, one with a new email and one with a new phone number), it is disabled within minutes! What are your thoughts on this, and what should I do? You were found infringing on someone's trademark. Facebook has no intention of enabling you to establish a second account.

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