Can common sense be developed?

Can common sense be developed?

Many people who appear to be lacking in common sense are just failing to apply what they already know. In other words, common sense is not something you are born with or without. Like other attributes, it is something that everyone can learn and grow upon.

Some studies have shown that people who can solve problems using only their feelings instead of their brains are better at predicting how others will act. This type of thinking has helped humans survive by letting us avoid danger before we analyze the situation fully. Scientists used to believe that humans were born with all they needed for survival in order to focus our energy on culture and science. Now they know that's not true. Common sense needs to be developed through learning.

People often say that genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. That means that genius is not an inherent quality but rather it requires hard work and effort. The same thing can be said about common sense. It is not something special nor is it easy to achieve. However, once you do achieve it, you can use your common sense any time you want or need to.

Are we born with common sense?

Everyone is born with common sense. The quantity of common sense people possess is often exaggerated. Because, while most individuals have some common sense, it is frequently tied to what they do. In every case, though, it is purely learned. Nobody is born with a sixth sense. That is just not feasible.

There are two types of common sense: factual and practical. Factual common sense refers to an awareness of facts and figures. For example, if you're driving down the road and see another car parked in a no-parking zone, you have factual common sense. You know that parking tickets can be issued for doing this, so you don't do it. Practical common sense involves using your knowledge to make decisions about how to act in various situations. For example, if you see someone about to jump off a building, you would use your practical common sense to know not to go near them.

Common sense is used by judges to help them make judgments about evidence in trials. For example, they might say that a witness was not credible because they had no practical common sense - they were willing to put themselves in dangerous situations for money.

In science fiction stories, common sense is used as a reason why humans cannot be harmed by radiation. This is not true; scientists have known for years that radiation can cause cancer.

Why do some people think common sense is incorrect?

As previously stated, "common sense" is heavily impacted by one's own experiences in the world; yet, because everyone's experiences are limited and diverse, the notion that everyone share a baseline of rational intelligence is erroneous; fact, it appears unattainable. Common sense is simply what has been learned through experience - which means it can change at any time due to new experiences or old memories being revived.

For example, when I was younger, I believed that people should be treated equally no matter what their race or religion. I also believed that children should be given opportunities to learn and grow, rather than being forced into rigid educational systems. These ideas were all based on my own personal experience, and seemed like common sense to me at the time. As I got older, I began to understand that not everyone thinks this way, which means that common sense isn't always correct.

In conclusion, common sense is only correct for the individual, as his/her experiences shape what they believe to be reasonable. No two people will ever have exactly the same understanding of reality, since we each have our own unique set of skills and knowledge that guide what we decide is sensible behavior.

Why do people use common sense instead of common sense?

Furthermore, common sense is frequently applied by those who lack the true information, skill, or direct experience to make informed decisions. The terrible reality is that trusting our common sense encourages us to make bad rather than solid decisions. As George Bernard Shaw said, "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world, while the unreasonable one tries to change the world to fit his own image."

People use common sense because it's easy. It isn't until later that they realize how badly they were misled. For example, Thomas Jefferson wrote in a letter to John Adams in 1813 that women are not capable of voting or holding office because "common sense" tells him this. However, women did vote and hold office throughout much of American history!

In conclusion, common sense is actually very uncommon.

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