Can Blackpink beat BTS?

Can Blackpink beat BTS?

Blackpink has eclipsed BTS in terms of YouTube views... Because, while BTS has a slightly bigger social media following, Blackpink has a substantially greater following on the video platform—51.3 million subscribers to BTS' 38.6 million.

Furthermore, Blackpink's videos average about 12 million views per clip, while BTS' videos average around 9 million views per clip.

Finally, Blackpink has had more songs reach the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 than BTS has (three vs. two).

In short, Blackpink is currently being viewed as the best group in K-pop by many fans and critics. They have the greatest success on YouTube, have achieved three number one albums so far, and have received two Golden Globe nominations for "Kill This Love" and "Forever Young".

However, there are also some drawbacks to being in such a successful group. Blackpink can be difficult to differentiate between because they have the same lineup throughout their career (with the exception of Jennie's departure), and several of their songs are very similar. Also, despite their huge success, they haven't opened any new doors for female K-pop artists in terms of management or agencies.

Who is bigger, Blackpink or BTS?

Blackpink has 37.8 million Instagram followers, whereas BTS has 41.6 million. Overall, BTS has more followers across all platforms, making them more popular than Blackpink in terms of social media presence.

However, Blackpink has more fans on Facebook (20 million) than BTS (16.4 million). This shows that Blackpink's fan base is larger on Instagram and Twitter - where they have more followers overall - than on Facebook.

In terms of revenue, BTS earns more than Blackpink. The group announced earlier this year that their first full-length album "Dark & Wild" had sold over 1 million copies. Meanwhile, Blackpink has yet to release any material and has not announced any sales figures.

But perhaps not for long! Blackpink is set to release their debut single "Whistle" on June 20th. It's possible that the song will do well enough to help them break into the top spot on the charts soon after.

Why is Blackpink more popular than BTS?

Almost all of my professors listen to BLACKPINK's songs in class and can even sing and dance to them. BLACKPINK is more popular than BTS in my opinion because more people are familiar with BLACKPINK than BTS, and more people sing along to BLACKPINK's songs than BTS's. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that BLACKPINK is less experimental than BTS.

In conclusion, I think BLACKPINK is more popular than BTS because they have more mainstream hits. More people know how to dance to "Boombayah" or "Whistle" than to any other song by BTS.

Can Blackpink beat BTS's record?

The new song has already surpassed BLACKPINK's How You Like That as the fastest K-pop group music video to achieve 200 million views. The ARMY watched Dynamite over 100 million times on YouTube, assisting BTS in breaking the record for the most-viewed video ever in the first 24 hours on YouTube.

BTS also broke their own record by receiving more than 50 million votes from their fans during their world tour. The vote count is higher than any other K-pop group before them.

Blackpink has the potential to break more records because of their huge fan base called THE ARMY. They have been able to do this because of their unique marketing strategy that involves social media interaction combined with big concerts and world tours.

However, it is hard to say whether or not Blackpink will be able to beat BTS's records because there are no other groups that can compare to them in terms of popularity and success so far. But what we know for sure is that they will never stop breaking records!

Did BTS pave the way for Blackpink?

Neither, It was the work of musicians who came before them that helped to pave the path for both Black Pink and BTS. In terms of future musicians, I believe BTS has made the biggest inroads into western ears and has opened the door even wider for future K-pop singers than Blackpink.

How many Blackpink fans are there?

In November 2019, Blackpink became the most-followed female group on Spotify as of March 2021; as of November 2019, they had over 20 million followers. They also have more than 100 million video views on YouTube.

In February 2020, Billboard announced that Blackpink was ranked number one on their list of the best-selling girl groups of all time. The magazine stated that the group has sold over 75 million albums worldwide.

Blackpink's popularity is due to their edgy yet relatable image and their music that combines R&B with hip hop.

They were formed in 2013 by songwriters YG and Maxstrome who wanted to create a new kind of girl group that wasn't available anymore. The duo decided to name their project after a slang term for an extremely attractive woman used by men in Asia. They recruited several other artists and changed its name to Blackpink after David Bowie's album Blackstar. The group released their first EP Square One in August 2014 followed by their debut full length album Kill This Love in January 2015. Both albums reached number one on the US Billboard 200 chart.

Their second studio album Four Cornerite (2016) was met with positive reviews from critics who praised its musical diversity.

Does BTS like Bigbang?

BTS members are the V.I.P.s of K-Pop. Everyone knows that BTS is a HUGE BIGBANG fan. So much so that it's nearly impossible not to have observed the gang responding to one of BIGBANG's concerts at a music festival! Their love, though, has been manifested in a variety of ways. Check out these 10 facts about BTS.

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