Can an acquaintance see my timeline?

Can an acquaintance see my timeline?

Unless you expressly remove Acquaintances from the post, the friends you joined to the group Acquaintances will see your post if it is set to an audience that includes those persons (public, friends, or acquaintances).

What is an acquaintance on Facebook?

Acquaintances are persons with whom you may prefer to disclose less information. When you publish anything, you may opt to exclude these folks by selecting "Friends except Acquaintances" in the audience choice. If you add them to this list, no one will be alerted. They will not see your activity until you change the setting again.

The way you come into contact with acquaintances is by knowing people who know them. If someone adds you as an acquaintance, that means you're connected with this person through a mutual friend. As soon as you add someone as an acquaintance, you gain permission to send messages to this person's wall, and they have the same opportunity to message you back.

If you or someone you know has been given the secret password for your Facebook account, you can access their information from another device. Anyone with access to this password can view your contacts and post items on your profile page. To protect your privacy, we recommend that you do not give the password to anyone.

An acquaintance is simply a friend of a friend. On Facebook, this is defined as someone who shares your network connection and therefore could show up when you search for friends. The advantage of having fewer friends is that it makes it easier to share details about yourself that you might not want everyone to know.

Are acquaintances friends on Facebook?

Acquaintances are folks with whom you may wish to share less on Facebook. They will not see your activity history or notifications.

This is useful if you want to keep certain things off of your friend's news feed but still be able to post updates about your life. For example, you might post an update saying that you went hiking with some friends and don't want to burden them with every detail of your experience, but you also don't want to lose contact with them entirely. With this option, only those updates will go into their news feeds that are marked as private.

Acquaintances can be anyone from former teachers to people you met once at a party. If you add them, they will never be notified of any changes you make to your privacy settings because they are not your friends. However, they will still see all of your public posts unless they are also added to this list.

Friendships are relationships that have built over time through sharing updates and interacting with each other's content. Friends will always be notified when you change your privacy settings because it's only fair that they should get to decide what information they want to see.

Can friends of friends see the posts?

1 response Everything is determined by your privacy settings. The default option for activities frequently allows "friends of friends" to observe actions.

Can all my Facebook friends see my posts?

Your friends, on the other hand, can view your postings if they visit your Facebook profile. You may also control who sees your page's postings. In the image below, I have made this particular post public, which means that everyone (not just my friends) may read it.

Can Facebook acquaintances see my posts?

When you add someone to the Facebook restricted list, you keep your friendship with them while restricting the postings they can view. They will only view your postings if you have set the audience to "Public" (as shown by the globe icon), if they are tagged in it, or if a common friend tags both of you in it. Otherwise, they would never know about your activity.

Here's how to restrict what Facebook acquaintances can see:

Go to your Facebook profile.

Click on the downward-pointing arrow next to your name at the top of the page.

Select the option for "Restrict What Appearances I Make".

Repeat this step for each person you want to restrict what you do on Facebook.

Now they will not be able to see your activities on Facebook unless you remove yourself from the restriction or they get their own account. If you remove someone as a friend but they still appear in your News Feed, contact us via our Help Center.

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